The History of Strathorn Farm


The Skinners moved to Strathorn farm in the 1930s, but their work with Horses stretches back Far longer...

In the 1939, Daniel Albert Skinner moved to Strathorn Farm to work the land and make a living to support his young family.  Horses were an essential part of farming life, literally providing the "Horse Power" to grow the crops to feed the family and to sell to the local market.

As mechanisation took hold, the need for working horses became obsolete, but Daniel’s youngest son George always retained the passion for the animals he had grown up with and ensured that they remained a permanent fixture on the farm, keeping them on as a hobby with his wife Ruth and later realising their potential to pass on their knowledge and sustain the family business when they established a riding school in 1991.  In the past 25 years, the business has become a well-loved focal point of the community.