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Client Review by Tamara Williams

Preparing for horse back riding in the African Wild... 

I had been riding infrequently over the last 20 years and my partner had ridden once since childhood. We had booked a holiday of a lifetime with horseback riding in the African wild. The challenge we had, was to get our riding experience, confidence and stamina up before we left the UK. 

So I approached Amy and Strathorn Farm Stables with a challenge. I wanted my partner and I to improve our seat, gain confidence around horses, in all paces and learn to jump. (Where as he had jumped competitions as child, I had never been taught to jump.) Oh and we both work full time- it needed to be in as short a period as possible.

After understanding what we wanted to achieve, Amy suggested a 3 day riding programme with approximately 3 hours riding a day with some light stable management (tacking up/untacking). On arrival we were assessed as to where we were as riders and then the work started. 3 hours a day, riding on 3 different horses each, from small horses, to ex competitors, to Clydesdales. 

Lessons included everything from flatwork to polework. Balance, co-ordination and confidence was challenged and strengthened with ‘safari themed’ gymkhana exercises. Further practical instruction included being able to ask our horses how and where to move in the space, from simply being able to manoeuvre our horses forwards, backwards or in a tight circle, to lateral leg work, straight lines and asking for/correcting our canter leads.

Careful coaching, with staff demonstration on horseback where necessary, in combination with videos helped us see what we needed to do, what we needed to change in order to develop as riders. On the final day in the final hour, we successfully completed a course of small jumps. 

Both my partner and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves from the first moment to the last and I can safely say jumping a course with Tilly has been one of my proudest achievements to date.

Now as I pick up riding again with my local stable,

I sit better in the saddle,

have more confidence and more control. 

We couldn’t have done it without the excellent tuition, support and encouragement from Amy, Teresa, Liam and the wider team at Strathorn Farm. 

For both my partner and I - our experience with Strathorn Farm stables exceeded all expectations and we would love to return. Thanks everyone - I can’t wait to be back with the next challenge! 

Tamara Williams

After 15 years out of the saddle, Strathorn has given me the confidence to get back on the horse! The instructors are fantastic and supportive. This summer I have especially enjoyed the jump days. I felt like I was flying!
— Zoe Sneddon, August 2017

Strathorn offers a fantastic school holiday programme which caters to every level of rider from total beginner to the more experienced.
— Terri Forbes, August 2017

My daughter loves the pony week which ends with a day of showing off their hard work to earn rosettes. I personally love the jumping training days! Always challenging but always fun. All the horses and instructors are second to none. I wouldn't recommend anywhere else to anyone wanting to ride or advance their current knowledge and skills.