Group lessons for Children



Beginners 30 min - £16

Intermediate 45 min - £22

Advanced 60 min - £27


50p per lesson pay 4 consecutive lessons in advance

Or £1 per lesson pay full term with consecutive lessons in advance. Lessons cannot be carried over but can be used to ride within the time frame booked in another suitable lesson. 



 FOR NEW RIDERS.       30 MINUTES    £25

After an introductory lesson we will match you with a group of your ability.  

For children’s lessons, we match them to an instructor they are comfortable with and we learn each child's individual needs - we then ensure they are in a lesson where they feel confident and which will bring out the best of their abilities.

Mastering fundamental skills is the key to progression, and having clear targets and defined levels is the best way to improve.

Our structured training program has well defined goals, with the skills you need to progress clearly identified. The skills are the building blocks you need to perform at the next level – once you master one set you will quickly see how they can be combined and transferred to more complex riding techniques.   This keeps you progressing at a pace you are comfortable with and helps you get the most enjoyment out of your riding.  

Class sizes are small – it not a “Bums on Saddles” ethos at Strathorn. For beginners, it’s a maximum of 5 so we can give you the attention you need until you have mastered the basics.  Once you can control the horse, you can move up to our groups of 7. Our experienced riders are also in groups of 7 which offer a great opportunity to learn from each other.

This allows you enough space to learn for yourself and from each other.  We encourage you to discuss your progress with your group members before and after lessons – it’s a great way to get the most out of it, and also to get to know your fellow riders.

Our instructors get to know you personally and constantly monitor your progress. Our lessons are structured but with flexibility to work on specific skills when necessary. Our instructors also discuss each rider with each other to ensure they are in a lesson at the right level. 

Our client lessons also hack regularly throughout the summer months – a reminder that riding out is also a way to get to know your horse and enjoy the beautiful countryside. 

Please note that for insurance reasons, we can only work with children over 5 years old.