We work with all breeds of horse, but we have a particular affection for the Clydesdale.  Generations of Skinners have worked with them and we continue to surprise the horse world with their versatility.  

Traditionally a Draught horse, they were used for pulling wagons and farm equipment but with the rise of mechanised agriculture the breed went into decline.  To preserve and promote this amazing historic breed we continually reinvent their purpose.  They pull wedding carriages, they pull “ladies carts”, we ride them side saddle and we have formed a ridden display team.  We regularly upset the establishment with our antics but our goal is to preserve this amazing breed and allow everyone to enjoy them.  If that upsets a few “traditionalists” along the way, then their loss is your gain :) 

Clydesdale Horse Drill  Team

You may have already seen them in the main ring at many of the summer events around Scotland.  The Strathorn Farm Clydesdale Horse Drill Team.  Our team of four Clydesdales and their highly skilled riders continue to impress people with the power, grace and elegance of their formation riding.  If you would like to book an appearance please do not hesitate to contact us  

Clydesdale Horse Dray Rides

Do you have a large group who want to experience the power of the Clydesdales?  Why not come for a 1-hour Dray ride, only £70 for up to 10 people.