Group lessons for Adults

Start with an introductory lesson to find you level, then we will match you with a group of your ability.


 FOR NEW RIDERS.      15 MINUTES    £20


 ALL RIDERS.      30 MINUTES    £37

ALL RIDERS.      40 MINUTES    £47


45 Min. £30 Adult beginner group

1 hour. £33 Adult experienced group for a max of 7 students.

Riding Lessons Update Jan 2023

  • We currently run adult lessons on evenings Mon-Fri, and one advanced group on Sundays.

  • In order to join an adult group lesson, you will first require an assessment lesson. You can also book a 30 min private.

  • Assessment/Intro lesson 15 min – £20

  • 30 minute private lesson – £37

Booking lessons:

  • Please create an account with us on HOPOTI by clicking on the button below

  • After you have created an account and added rider(s) we will need to grade them which will give you access to lessons that are similar to your riding ability. We will only be able to give you a grade once you have been in for an assessment lesson with us. Book an assessment lesson or Private lesson on HOPOTI

  • Email if you need any help with your account

  • Due to high demand, we might need to put you on a waiting list until there is an available spot for them to join.

Cancelling lessons:

  • Please cancel your lesson 24h in advance on HOPOTI

  • No shows or cancellations with less than 24hr notice pay the full price of the lesson.

Mastering fundamental skills is the key to progression, and having clear targets and defined levels is the best way to improve.

Our structured training program has well defined goals, with the skills you need to progress clearly identified. The skills are the building blocks you need to perform at the next level – once you master one set you will quickly see how they can be combined and transferred to more complex riding techniques.   This keeps you progressing at a pace you are comfortable with and helps you get the most enjoyment out of your riding.

Class sizes are matched to your ability to give you the amount of attention and space you need. They are normally for 4-6 people but we can run groups of 7 for our experienced riders. We encourage you to discuss your progress with your group members before and after lessons – it’s a great way to get the most out of it, and also to get to know your fellow riders.

Our instructors get to know you personally and constantly monitor your progress. Our lessons are structured but with flexibility to work on specific skills when necessary. Our instructors also discuss each rider with each other to ensure they are in a lesson at the right level.