Saying Yes

Saying Yes

White Wedding 4 Feb 2012 Willie Wilson & Benedicte Soreide, Chapel of Garioch Church – Pittodrie House Hotel with Windsor and Jeff


It’s been a long tradition of ours to make wedding days extra special. 

Turn the clock back and arrive at your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage. Travel in the Strathorn Wedding Carriage pulled by a pair of Clydesdale horses. We can accommodate up to six people in the Landau, which can be used in all conditions thanks to a waterproof hood. The journey usually takes 10 minutes per mile. Alternatively, a 1920’s Wagonette pulled by a single Clydesdale is also available. The Wagonette can seat up to four people and can operate in all weathers.

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Saying Goodbye

Just as there are happy times in life there are sad times. We can offer you horse and carriage for a funeral. Call us to find out more.