Team building near Aberdeen – Have fun with Clydesdale Horses in Aberdeenshire!

Are you looking for something different for your next corporate event or day out with friends?

Would you like a fun relaxing Team Building event near Aberdeen?

You’ve done Go Karts, Paintball, Archery, Clay Pigeon shooting and rolled around inside a giant rubber ball for some odd reason! 

We are sure they were lots of fun, but maybe not what your team needed to relax and de-stress.

Does your team want to enjoy something different?

Then you should try a day at Strathorn Farm Stables!

Spend a day with Clydesdale horses

Clydesdale horse in front of Bennachie

Our stunning location in the heart of Aberdeenshire offers the perfect setting for your team to come together and participate in a range of fun activities with our beautiful Clydesdale horses.

Strathorn Farm Stables are world renowned for their Champion Clydesdale horses, and we are now offering the chance for you and your team to spend the day with these amazing animals.

Working with Clydesdale horses can have a number of mental health benefits. These majestic creatures are known for their gentle nature and calm temperament, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety in humans.

Working with horses reduces stress

Spending time with Clydesdales can be a meditative and grounding experience, allowing individuals to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect with nature.

Caring for and interacting with these horses can also provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment, which can be especially important for teams in need of some relaxation

In addition to the psychological benefits, working with Clydesdale horses can also be a great way to destress physically. Grooming and caring for these animals can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity that can help to reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation.

Improve your team’s physical and mental wellbeing

All in all, working with Clydesdale horses can be a wonderful way to improve mental and physical well-being, while also enjoying the beauty and companionship of these magnificent animals.

 Meeting room hire in a unique setting

Meeting room with view of Bennachie

In addition to our fun activities with the horses, we can also provide a meeting room with a panoramic view of Bennachie, making it the perfect location for a product launch, your yearly goal setting meeting, the roll out of a new initiative, a team workshop or just a break from your usual office to give an important presentation in an inspiring setting.

Our meeting room can accommodate up to 20 people and includes a large flat screen TV, making it ideal for team meetings or presentations.

We understand that different companies have different needs, and we can customize our team building events to suit your group. Whether you have a small team or a large group, we can provide the perfect event for your employees.

Horse riding arena building

Lunch and Refreshments

Tea, coffee, and lunch can be provided to keep your team fueled and ready for the challenges ahead. We can accommodate dietary requirements, so please let us know if there are any special requests.


What would a day at Strathorn look like?

Example Day:


Arrival. Tea and coffee.  Use our room for your team meeting, get your business out of the way before having some fun!


Meet the Clydesdales, split into teams and learn how to groom and prepare the horses for your very own horse show.




Show your Clydesdales!  Learn how to parade your Clydesdale in the Show ring.  This traditional art dates back centuries to when this was the literal shop window for Clydesdale breeders around Scotland to show off their animals for sale.  Prizes for the best horse handler and best turned out horse!


Learn how to tack up for a Dray ride in our covered wagon.  Help the Strathorn team to get a Clydesdale ready for your very own wagon ride.  Take a drive around our beautiful grounds with amazing views of Bennachie.




Alternative Example day

Suitable if you require a longer meeting, with an afternoon activity only




Tea and coffee.  Use our room for your team meeting.




Learn how to tack up for a Dray ride in our covered wagon.  Help the Strathorn team to get a Clydesdale ready for your very own wagon ride.  Take a drive around our beautiful grounds with amazing views of Bennachie.


Farm tour or back to the meeting room



 Tailor your day to your team needs!

We can tailor our team building events to suit your needs. 

No need for the meeting room? No problem! spend from 10am to 3pm just with the Clydesdales. 

Do you want the meeting room all day? with just a few energising breaks? We can accomdate that! use your breaks to meet the Clydesdales on go on a farm walk. 

Possible Services and Activites

  • Meeting room hire
  • Tea, Coffee and Lunch
  • Groom and Show Clydesdales
  • Farm Tour
  • Talk from George and Ruth Skinner on their life with horses. George has lived at Strathorn since 1939 and used to work the land with Clydesdales, he is the Honorary president of the Clydesdale Horse Society and can give a fascinating history of Clydesdales. Ruth is equally enthusiastic and has a passion for driving horses, she has competed with Clydesdales and light horses at events throughout the UK and is the driving force behind the local Garioch Carrige Driving for the Disabled group which has been based at Starthorn for over 30 years.

George Competing on his 84th Birthday at the World Clydesdale Show

Ruth Competing at the Royal Highland Show with her Clydesdale in a Ladies Cart

  • Help Tack up and go for a wagon ride, pulled by one of our amazing Clydesdales
  • Ride a Clydesdale (participants must have some riding experience)
  • Horse Schooling demonstration. Learn how we train our horses to ride and drive.

How much does it cost?

Prices on Request. We can put together a programme to suit most budgets

 How do you book?

Just get in contact with us and we can put together a program that suits your needs!

Email us at to book your perfect team day out at Strathorn