Our Team

At Strathorn, the learning never stops – not just for our Students, but also for our Instructors. We offer coaching from a highly trained team of staff with Scottish Vocational Qualifications up to SVQ level 3, British Horse Society Qualifications from BHS Assistant Instructors to BHS Intermediate Instructor and UK Coaching Qualifications up to UKCC level 3.

Our staff come from many different backgrounds and have a huge variety of skills to offer. We have staff who compete, staff with show experience, we work with people with special needs and have staff who have worked as personal coaches to competing athletes.  Our instructors haven’t forgotten how they learned or what they found difficult; they understand why sometimes you don’t get it and can teach you in hundreds of different ways until you do.  Having worked with thousands of clients over the years, each with their own specific challenges, we have found countless ways to teach you the fundamental skills you need to get to the next level.

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Team Leader and Head Coach

Liam is the Team Leader and Head Instructor at Strathorn.

He started horse riding at the age of 6 and has competed in show jumping for five years. He is a skilled and competitive rider who loves winning and as an instructor he loves to help students improve.  

Liam has been teaching horse riding for over ten years.

Some of his qualifications are:

  • BHS Level 2 Complete Horsemanship
  • SVQ Level 3: Horse Care, Stable Management and Coaching

Liam is also a very passionate about music – he enjoys playing the guitar and has released his own songs on Spotify!

Photo of Liam with his young Clydesdale Marmalade



“The best thing about working at Strathorn is working with the horses and ponies, and also going out showing and the people!”

— Kalli

Kalli with Clydesdales Ally and Edward

Kalli is a riding instructor and groom at Strathorn. She rides and drives Clydesdales too!

Kalli started riding at Strathorn when she was seven years old. She volunteered at the stables as a teenager, and has been working full-time with us for the last five years.

Kalli’s qualifications:

  • BHS Riding & Road Safety
  • UKCC1
  • SVQ Level 2

Kalli loves horse riding and says that “even if you’re having a bad day, if you get on the horse, it will always cheer you up”.


Admin and Groom

Vikki is the administrator at Strahorn.

She has been working at Strathorn for two years now.

She loves riding and working with the horses and has been working towards her BHS challenge platinum award.

Photo of Vikki with Topper the Horse



Catriona is a riding instructor and groom at Strathorn.

She has been working at Strathorn for 2,5 years.

Catriona has competed for Scotland in eventing and has three horses of her own.

Her qualifications are:

  • UKCC1
  • SVQ Level 2
  • Pony Club Tests
Photo of Catriona with Clydesdale Ella


Yard Team

Kenneth is a yard worker at Strathorn.

He is good with both horses and tractors!

Kenneth has worked at Strathorn for 1,5 years.

“I like working with the horses, doing the yard and helping anyone with jobs. ”

— Kenneth

Photo of Kenneth with Holly the Horse



Rebecca is a groom at Strathorn.

She has been working at Strathorn for nearly two years and has just started with her SVQ qualifications in order to become a qualified coach.

Rebecca is originally from Shetland and grew up with horses. She loves working with the Clydesdales and rides for Strathorn at the local shows.

“The best thing about working at Strathorn is the beautiful scenery, working through the summer and getting to know all the different horses personalities.”

— Rebecca

Photo of Rebecca with the young Clydesdales



Katrine is a BHS stage 3 coach with a passion for teaching enthusiastic children to ride.

She been working for Strathorn for over a year.

Katrine has been heading up our BHS Pony Stars training.

“The best thing about working at Strathorn is watching the children I teach grow in confidence within themselves and their riding ability. Horses have the ability to turn a bad day into a great day!”

— Kat



Morven has been with us since May 2022. She has ridden her whole life and has competed for Scotland in dressage. She has 4 of her own horses which she competes in working hunter, eventing and dressage.

She is also studying Environmental Science BSc at Dundee University. She hopes to begin her training for BHS qualifications to teach riding lessons once she graduates this year! She also loves competing for Strathorn at shows on the Clydesdales. Come and say hi when you see us!

“My favourite thing about working at Strathorn is working with all the horses and taking the Strathorn Clydesdales to shows! ”

— Morven

Photo of Morven with Topper
Morven and Clydesdale Jim at the World Clydesdale Show 2022


Apprentice Groom

Lawrie is an apprentice groom at Strathorn.

He has been coming to Strathorn since he was a young lad and recently started his apprenticeship with us.

He loves horse riding and working with the horses.

“The best thing about working at Strathorn is working with the horses and learning how to look after them.”

— Lawrie

Photo of Lawrie and Tilly the Horse



Ellen is a part-time groom at Strathorn.

She loves horses and has her own little Shetland pony Smokey that she has competed with.

“The best thing about working at Strathorn is being surrounded by my team doing what we love. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and that’s what makes us such a unique and close team”

— Ellen

Photo of Ellen and Pebbles