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Top 12 Best Grazing Muzzle For Horses

Are you in the market for a new grazing muzzle for your horse?

Then you’re in luck with this article!

I’ve done the research and testing for you and have put together a go-to list of the top 12 muzzles out there. I’ve even thrown in a few tips to help you in deciding which option to choose – you’re welcome!

If your horse needs to lose some weight, whether you’re on a budget or want to go all out, any of the grazing muzzles on this list make an excellent choice.

1. Best Filly Grazing Muzzle: KM Elite ThinLine Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle

  • Fabric: Nylon, plastic
  • Sizing: Small, medium, large

The KM Elite Thinline Grazing Muzzle is a more “deluxe” grazing muzzle when considering its price tag. Grazing muzzles need to be soft, flexible, and well-ventilated to ensure your horse is comfortable and this one does just that! It’s gentle on your filly’s teeth too and offers a more personalised fit. It is softer than a lot of other muzzles on the market, offering a gentle approach to restricted grazing.

2. Best Pony Grazing Muzzle: Hy Pony/Horse Muzzle With Fleece

  • Fabric: Nylon, fleece
  • Sizing: Pony

Looking for a kinder way to reduce the amount of grass your horse is eating? Then this grazing muzzle is you!

This soft, non-slip nylon muzzle has a lovely fleece lining, preventing sores on your horse’s mouth. Featuring a rubber base, double hook and loop fastener and a throat clip lash, it’s sturdy and secures well.

3. Best Yearling Grazing Muzzle: Tough1 EasyBreathe Orange Grazing Muzzle

  • Fabric: Nylon
  • Sizing: Various

Slow down your young speedy eater with Tough1’s Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle. The crown piece features a double-locking breakaway feature, with safety closures and adjustable straps. The large nose holes at the front of the muzzle are cleverly designed, which allows your horse to breathe with ease while restricting forage consumption.

4. Best Grazing Muzzle For Cobs:Horze Muzzle

  • Fabric: Nylon, rubber
  • Sizing: Cob

Stocky cobs need more food, but they also sometimes get into the habit of over-eating when turned out.

You don’t need to stress about your horse’s eating habits with this fantastic muzzle. Its smooth and flexible design with three self-gripping straps offers just the right amount of controlled intake when turned out in the fields.

While these grazing muzzles are strict on restricting grazing, your horse will be able to drink unlimited water.

5. Most Comfortable Grazing Muzzle: Comfort Lined Grazing Muzzle

  • Fabric: Neoprene, nylon
  • Sizing: Various

This grazing muzzle sure does live up to its name, as comfort is the name of the game! Its neoprene waffle-basket design is soft, supple, and super easy to secure onto your horse.

If your horse tends to overindulge on rich pasture grass, these muzzles will become your new best friend as they can help reduce the risk of laminitis. Their soft design are perfect for sensitive horses or horses who don’t enjoy face coverings.

6. Best Fleece-Lined Grazing Muzzle: Tough1 4 Piece Liner Set Natural

  • Fabric: Nylon, fleece
  • Sizing: Full

Wearing a muzzle can be tough for a horse. I mean, imagine if you had one strapped onto your snout for most of the day.

These muzzles are made from dense sheepskin with a natural leather backing to soften the blow for your horse. The soft cushioning helps to prevent rubbing across your horse’s cheekbones and nose, ensuring a comfortable fit all day long!

7. Best Variable Muzzle: Grazing Horse Muzzle Easy Breathe

  • Fabric: Nylon, polyester
  • Sizing: 6.1” deep – 7.4” diameter

If your horse needs to shed a few pounds, then this muzzle will do the trick! It restricts the amount of grass your horse munches with its little bottom opening – great if your horse tends to bite, too!

The combination of nylon and polyester materials ensures these muzzles are strong and durable, and the inside of the basket is lined with faux leather for a softer touch. The adjustable straps fit securely across the face and are easy to install.

The size variety and design mean that this muzzle can be used on a variety of different horses.

8. Best Premium Grazing Muzzle: T TEKE Deluxe Grazing Muzzle Fleece Fur Lined

  • Fabric: Nylon and fleece
  • Sizing: Full

If your horse panics each time a muzzle is put on, it’s probably because it’s uncomfortable. Right? Well, I’ve found that the T Teke Deluxe Grazing Muzzle does quite the opposite!

It may cost more than others on the list, but it is well worth the extra money spent. The design of these muzzles with a lower cut ensures a more comfortable fit, offering more space around your horse’s face.The fleece-lined basket also helps to reduce chafing.

It has a detachable cushion pad on both the throat and crown and a built-in halter and D-ring to attach to a lead rope. Soon, your horse won’t be bothered by having this comfy muzzle put on!

9. Best Larger Breed Grazing Muzzle: Harrison Howard Horse Grazing Muzzle Feed Bag Easy

  • Fabric: Nylon
  • Sizing: Large

If you’ve got a giant, feisty horse then this is the muzzle for you! The strong nylon material and breakaway feature with field-safe fasteners are designed to withstand the rigours of ‘wild’ horses.

The adjustable straps are durable and secure (and are not too tight), with no chance of your horse breaking free. The sturdy rubber base feature greatly reduces the chance of overeating. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this grazing muzzle!

10. Best Leather Grazing Muzzle: Best Friend Padded Leather Crown Grazing Muzzle

  • Fabric: Leather
  • Sizing: Varies

The Best Friend Grazing Muzzle is perfect for your best friend. It has a double crown buckle which ensures a secure and comfortable fit. The soft leather helps to prevent rubbing and chafing across your horse’s face. While your horse is still able to drink water, it does restrict the amount of grass they chomp on.

Side note: Best Friend Grazing Muzzles have a few options to choose from. The Best Friend Deluxe Grazing Muzzles have a more roomy fit which allows for better chewing.

11. Best All-Round Grazing Muzzle: Best Friend All-In-One Muzzle

  • Fabric: Nylon, rubber
  • Sizing: 5.5” – 8.5” (width)

This Best Friend grazing muzzle is conveniently attached to a breakaway halter. It has a sturdy rubber base that ensures controlled grass intake, a plastic side-release buckle for easy fastening, and a throat clip to provide the perfect fit.

12. Best Budget-Friendly Grazing Muzzle: Economy Grazing Muzzle with Halter

  • Fabric: Nylon
  • Sizing: 6¼” – 9” (diameter)

This low-price grazing muzzle is perfect for restricting grass intake for your horse. With its five-way adjustable strap system and quick-grip fastener; no escape artist stands a chance! Its nylon material is strong and durable and fits comfortably on your horse, cob, or pony’s snout.

What To Consider When Buying A Grazing Muzzle

  • Budget: Knowing how much you want to spend is a good place to start! Go through customer reviews to get a feel for which muzzle is best suited to your pocket.
  • Horse size: Ensure the chosen muzzle is the right size for your horse’s head and muzzle shape.
  • Material: Opt for durable materials such as nylon, leather, or rubber. Ensure that it can handle general wear and tear.
  • Comfort: While getting the right fit is important, make sure the materials are soft and comfortable on your horse’s face. There’s nothing worse than when a horse panics because of uncomfortable gear!
  • Safety features: Check if the muzzle has a breakaway feature or quick-release clip to prevent any accidents.
  • Adjustability: Opt for a muzzle with adjustable straps to ensure a more personalised fit.
  • Cleaning: Choose materials that are easy to clean.
  • Lead line: Make sure there are rings or attachment points on the muzzle so you can secure a lead line.


Is the Best Friend Deluxe Grazing Muzzle a good option?

Yes. The Deluxe Grazing Muzzle is an excellent muzzle to go for. However, it’s one of the more pricier grazing muzzles on the market (±£75).

Its adjustable straps and roomy basket – which fits better across your horse’s cheekbones – offer a secure and comfortable fit when compared to cheaper options.

Can horses drink water when wearing a muzzle?

Yes. Think of grazing muzzles as a “non-grass environment” that only restricts the horse’s access to grass and foraging. Typically, horses are able to drink water through the small opening holes at the bottom of the muzzle basket without any issues.

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