2023 New Term- Same goals!

18th of January, 2023

Dear Riders,

We have been back running lessons for 1,5 weeks since the winter holidays, and it is so nice to see all the familiar and new faces at Strathorn!

Our goal this year is to continue to offer you riding lessons that will help you grow into a more confident rider, and work on your individual needs.

We will keep assessing riders to make sure you are in the right rider group, and offer up new spaces where we can.

The wellbeing of our horses remains our top priority.

If you want to organise something special like a birthday party make sure to contact us in advance so that we can make it happen!

Let’s make this new term and new year a great one!

/Team Strathorn

Photo of Clydesdale Mack by Katie Watt

An incredible week at

the World Clydesdale Show in Aberdeen 2022

Wow! We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did.

We are so grateful for all our staff and helpers who made the World Clydesdale Show a success. We love our Clydesdales and it was just incredible to celebrate this fantastic native horse breed right here in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Photo credit: Michelle Martin Randolph.

Concours D’Elegance. Costumes made by Toots Cromarty. 5th place Ace of Diamonds ridden by Kalli Burr. Photo credit Nadja Skoglund.

Photos by Val Smith