Shows and Events

This page will highlight some of the shows and events that Strathorn has attended or organised. It will also highlight the achievements of our team and our riders at Strathorn.

An incredible week at

the World Clydesdale Show in Aberdeen, October 2022

Photo credit: Michelle Martin Randolph.

Wow! We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did.

We are so grateful for all our staff and helpers who made the World Clydesdale Show a success.

We love our Clydesdales and it was just incredible to celebrate this fantastic native horse breed right here in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Concours D’Elegance. Costumes made by Toots Cromarty. 5th place Ace of Diamonds ridden by Kalli Burr. Photo credit Nadja Skoglund.

Dressage class. Sarah Flett and Strathorn Clydesdale Wullie in 3d place (right) next to 4th place Clydesdale Poppy ridden by Vicki Cursiter (left).

Novice Ridden Class. 3- year old Strathorn Clydesdales Bert and Chieftain ridden by Morven Wilkie and Rebecca Fraser.

Senior 65+ pair driven Clydesdales. George Skinner (84) with Clydesdales Edward and Mack.

Strathorn Clydesdale King Edward Winner at

Land Rover Blair Castle International Horse Trials, August 2022

  • Ridden Clydesdales Kalli Burr & Clydesdale King Edward 1st place
  • Ridden Clydesdales Sarah Flett & Clydesdale Wullie 4th place

Aberdeen Clydesdale Show 2022 in Kintore

  • Clydesdale King Edward – Best Male and Reserve Champion, 1st in Ridden, 2nd in Driven
  • Clydesdale Sunny – 1st in hand
  • Clydesdale Ally – 2nd in hand
  • Clydesdale Mack – 1st best groomed horse, 2nd best kept harness, 2nd best decorated harness. Overall Decorated Harness Champion. 6th in hand
  • Clydesdale Wullie – 6th in ridden

Lourin Clydesdale Show 2022

Strathorn @ Turriff Show 2022

  • Clydesdale King Edward 1st , Clydesdale Wullie 2nd , and Clydesdale Kirsty 6th in Bidwells Ridden Clydesdale Seriesridden Class.
  • Clydesdale King Edward 1st In Hand in his class, Clydesdale Ally 1st In Hand in his class, Clydesdale Kirsty (Mare) 2nd In Hand in her class

Photos by Nadja Skoglund

Strathorn @ Tain Gala 2022

Photos by Nadja Skoglund

Gold Medal Special Olympics 2022

Charlotte Macdonald with her gold medal for dressage with Strathorn riding instructor Jane Hannah and Pebbles during her regular lesson. Charlotte took part in the Special Olympics National Games in Berlin this summer. We are very proud of her and her accomplishment!

May, 2022.

Collessie King Edward Champion Clydesdale and Overall Champion today at 2022 Crathes Horse & Dog Show in Aid of Grass Sickness Fund