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10 Best Horse Clippers: A Cut Above The Rest

It’s time to tame your horse’s mane and coat. With a multitude of options on the market, how do you choose the best horse clippers for your equine friend?

Are cordless clippers any good? What are the best battery-operated horse clippers? I have multiple horses, will one clipper suffice, or do I need different clippers for different horses? Will a noisy clipper scare my horse? These may all be the questions running through your head when it’s time to make the cut!

When purchasing the best clippers for your horse, you need to consider whether the clippers are corded or cordless. Motor power, blade speed, durability, and weight should also be taken into consideration. However, the most important factor is that you’ll want clippers that do the job quickly and efficiently, as a full-body clip can be tiring for both you and your horse.

Choosing the right clippers can be very confusing. Let’s look at the top clippers you should take into consideration and what makes them the best horse clippers for the job.

1.Best Clipper Overall: Andis AGC2 Super 2-Speed Clipper

  • Type: Medium-weight full-body clippers suitable for general body clipping and mane/tail trimming.
  • Blade speed: 2,800 SPM
  • Power source: Corded
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs
Best horse clipper

If you want a smooth and efficient set of body clippers, then the Andis Super 2-Speed Clipper is a great choice. With its two-speed operations, this versatile clipper can be used on any coat type, even thicker ones. And, if your horse’s hair is matted, this horse clipper is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

When making this clipper, Andis took into consideration the fact that it’s hard to trim the hair of nervous horses. This is why it’s a much quieter clipper than other brands, which shouldn’t spook your horse.

Because it has detachable blades, the Andis Super 2-Speed Clipper is also very easy to clean.

As a corded clipper, it has less mobility than its uncorded counterparts. However, the adjustable speed settings totally make up for that, making it one of the best horse clippers out there.

Main advantages:

  • Quiet operations
  • 2-speed clipping for different types of horse coats
  • Easy to maintain with detachable blades

2. Best Clipper For Heavy-Duty Grooming: Oster Variable Speed Clipmaster

  • Type: Heavy-duty full-body clippers suitable for large horses and dense coats.
  • Blade speed: 2,500-3,000 SPM
  • Power source: Corded
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs
Best heavy duty horse clipper

Some horses have very thick hair, which makes it necessary to use heavy-duty clippers. The Oster Variable Speed Clipmaster is a high-powered, durable clipper that’s perfect for heavy-duty use. It’s very powerful but it does require a masterful handler to cut through a thick coat.

This heavy-duty clipper is well-suited for larger horses. The variable speed control feature is also useful for trimming ears and smaller areas, but it’s designed more for body clipping than for precision grooming.

The only downfalls are that this clipper is heavier than most and it is corded, making mobility restricted. However, if it’s durability you’re after, then this is the clipper for you.

Main advantages:

  • Variable speed control for both large and small areas
  • Heavy-duty, durable clippers
  • Compatible with a range of detachable blades

3. Best Precision Blades: Lister Fusion

  • Type: Medium-duty precision clipper set for all coat types, including fine and thick coats.
  • Blade speed: 2,800 SPM
  • Power source: Corded
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs
Best horse clipper for precision

The Lister clipper is one of the best horse clippers because of its lightweight and ergonomic design. I find it extremely comfortable to work with, especially over a long period of time.

This lightweight, medium-duty horse trimmer works beautifully for precision work on sensitive areas like the face and ears. It also has a very quiet motor, so horses won’t be easily scared when working in those sensitive areas. The high-quality, precision-engineered blades are efficient for trimming.

The clipper comes with a variety of blades, including a fine blade for clean, detailed cuts.

Main advantages:

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Adjustable blade speed and precision
  • Double fan and multiple vents to cool the motor

4. Best Cordless Clipper: Wahl Professional Bravura Corded/Cordless Clipper

  • Type: Medium-duty corded/cordless clippers suitable for all coats and precision trimming.
  • Blade speed: 3,000 SPM
  • Power source: Corded or cordless
  • Battery life: 90 minutes
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
Best cordless horse clipper

The best corded/cordless clipper is the Wahl Professional Bravura clipper. This medium-duty clipper is perfect for precision grooming. It’s especially well-suited for detailed work on sensitive areas such as the bridle paths and fetlocks.

The greatest factor about is clipper is that it is both corded and cordless, all in one. This makes the clipper extremely flexible and versatile.

With a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the battery life should last you approximately 90 minutes. Recharging takes around 60 minutes, but you always have the option of plugging it in if you run out of power.

Main advantages:

  • Corded and cordless clippers
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Five-in-one adjustable blade

5. Best Compact And Portable Horse Clipper: Wahl Mini Arco Equine Clipper

  • Type: Light-duty clippers for precision grooming on a horse’s face, muzzle, ears, and fetlocks.
  • Blade speed: 2,700 SPM
  • Battery life: 2 hours
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
Best compact and portable horse clipper

The Wahl Mini Arco Equine Clipper is a great light-duty clipper that is perfect for sensitive horses and sensitive areas on a horse, such as the face and ears. You may already know that you need extra flexibility and manoeuvrability in these areas, which is exactly what this clipper provides. This is exactly why this Wahl clipper gallops to the front of the race when it comes to precision trimming equipment.

This clipper works well with both fine and medium coats, and it’s great for small touch-up jobs. As one of the finest cordless clippers out there, it’s also lightweight, compact, and easy to use. While it may be small, the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries should give you up to two hours of use between charging.

Main advantages:

  • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Minimal noise, which is ideal for nervous horses
  • Adjustable blade for precision trimming

6. Best Clipper For Light Touch-Ups: Wahl Pocket Pro Clipper

  • Type: Light-duty clippers suitable for light touch-ups and smaller areas like the ears and fetlocks.
  • Blade speed: 2,500 SPM
  • Battery life: 60 minutes
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs
Best Horse Clipper For Light Touch-Ups

If it isn’t time for a full-body clipping, but you need to do some on-the-go grooming, you need the Wahl Pocket Pro Clipper. This is one of the best cordless horse clippers that’s perfect for quick and easy snips, and the fine blades are ideal for smaller, sensitive areas.

Portable and battery-operated, this clipper is ready for any small grooming task. The batteries last for up to 60 minutes, which is adequate for a quick trim. At 0.6 pounds, it’s also incredibly lightweight.

While the motor power is not very strong, the blades are an attractive feature at 2,500 strokes per minute. So, if you have small areas to clip, like little nips around the ears, this horse clipper will work perfectly.

Main advantages:

  • Compact size, portable and versatile for on-the-go grooming
  • Battery-operated (AA batteries)
  • Quiet motor

7. Best Full Kit: Wahl Show Pro Equine Clipper

  • Type: Medium-duty full clipper kit suitable for full-body grooming and to keep up a show-ready appearance.
  • Blade speed: 3,000 SPM
  • Power source: Corded
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
Best full kit horse clippers

The Wahl Show Pro Equine Clipper is a full-horse clipper kit. The kit comes with a blade guard, clipper oil, a soft face brush and a blade cleaning brush. And, if you are a total beginner, there’s no need to stress with this one because it comes with a DVD that’s ready to teach you how to use these horse clippers.

This cleaning kit is suitable for both full-body horse hair cutting as well as detailed trimming on the fetlocks, bridle path, face, and ears. As an added extra, there’s also an eight-foot cord, so you can easily access every side of the horse.

Main advantages:

  • Full grooming kit with accessories
  • Adjustable blade
  • Quiet electromagnetic motor

8. Best Cordless Heavy-Duty Clippers: Andis Pulse ZR II

  • Type: Heavy-duty, battery-operated horse clippers perfect for professional users.
  • Blade speed: 3,200 SPM
  • Battery life: 3 hours
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs
Andis Pulse ZR II Grooming Clippers

The Andis Pulse ZR II is the best when it comes to heavy-duty horse clippers without a cord. It works well for all coats (even thick ones) and for full-body clipping. Grooming tasks are made especially easy because you don’t need a separate clipper for the horse’s mane, tail, fetlocks, or face.

The Andis Pulse ZR II is the most versatile clipper, with excellent battery life (up to three hours) and the best blade speed (up to 3,200 strokes per minute). The clipper blades are durable and meant to last. They are especially great for owners who use horse clippers often.

Main advantages:

  • Long battery life (3 hours)
  • High-speed, durable blades

9. Best Clipper For Blade Variety: Figura ProLithium Rechargeable Clipper

  • Type: Medium-duty rechargeable horse clippers for full body clips and detailed trimming.
  • Blade speed: 6,000 SPM
  • Battery life: 90 minutes
  • Weight: 0.8 oz
Best horse clipper for variety of blades

The Figura ProLithium Rechargeable Clippers are the best horse clippers when it comes to blade variety, with 5 different blade sizes in one blade. The blade sizes are #9, #10, #15, #30, and #40. They are suitable for mane and tail trimming, bridle paths, and finer details. It’s literally the best clipper for horse clipping.

The 90-minute battery life gives you enough time to trim your horse and get it show-ready. Being fairly lightweight at 0.8 ounces makes it easy to handle if you need to use it over long periods of time. It also comes with accessories like clipper oil and a cleaning brush.

The Figura ProLithium Rechargeable Clipper Set is durable and convenient. Even someone who is new to clipping horses will find it easy to operate.

Main advantages:

  • 5 blade sizes
  • Lightweight

10. Best For Beginners: Lister Star

  • Type: Heavy-duty clipper set for general body clipping and fetlocks.
  • Blade Speed: 2,700 SPM
  • Power source: Corded
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs
Best horse clipper for beginners

The Lister Star is one of the more cost-effective horse clippers on the market and is good value for money. With a blade speed of 2,700 strokes per minute, it’s a fairly fast trimmer as well. Full-body clips are its speciality, and it can even handle smaller areas like fetlocks and the bridle path.

Lighter than many similar products in the same price bracket, it comes with a variety of accessories, including spare blades. What makes it a great clipper for beginners is its lightweight and easy-to-move design.

Main advantages:

  • Lightweight and easily manoeuvrable
  • High-speed blade for easy trimming

Quick Tips To Get You Clipping

Here are a few quick tips to help you when you start to body-clip.

Horse clipping tips

  • Use a blade guard when trimming sensitive areas.
  • Always trim in the direction of the hair.
  • Use sharp blades, especially if your horse has thick hair.
  • After clipping, brush your horse down to remove any loose hairs.
  • Put a blanket on your horse to keep it warm after a trim.

Groomers tips

  • If you are on a budget, a medium-duty clipper may be a better option for you.
  • Most rechargeable clippers come with a charging stand. They sometimes come with an extra set of batteries as well, so you can interchange batteries while you are recharging the first set.
  • If you use a battery-operated clipper, make sure you always have a spare battery, just in case.
  • When you’ve finished with the horse clipper, clean it off before you pack it away.
  • Always use clipper oil to ensure the longest life possible for the clipper blades.


How do I choose the best horse clippers for my horse?

If you have a horse with a thick or coarse coat or if you need to clip your horse frequently, you should choose a heavy-duty clipper. If you have a horse with a fine coat or if you only need to clip your horse occasionally, you can choose a medium-duty clipper.

Which are the best horse clippers for a sensitive horse?

The Figura ProLithium Rechargeable Clipper makes use of vibration-reducing technology. It’s one of the quietest clippers, so it’s the best horse clipper for an easily spooked horse.

Which are the best horse clippers for frequent use?

The Wahl Professional Show Pro is one of the best clippers you can purchase. It’s heavy-duty, and the powerful motor allows for frequent use. The ultra-sharp blades make it easy to quickly and efficiently do a complete body clip.

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