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The 7 Best Portable Horse Showers

Have you got a mucky horse that needs constant washing? Are you battling to decide which is the best portable horse shower to go for, when there are so many options on the market? Or have you already tried countless options, only to prove they’re ineffective?

Well, it’s time to get back up on the horse and have a look through my latest guide!

I’ll go through some of the best horse showers I’ve tried and tested, from tankless units to battery-operated ones and a couple of others in between.

1. Best For Quick Washes: Mud Daddy Pet Shower

  • Colours: Blue, green, red
  • Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 20 cm
Best portable horse shower

When your horse gets a bit muddy, having The Mud Daddy Pet Shower on hand is super convenient. Simply fill its 5-litre water tank with warm water, grab your horse shampoo and trot on over to the stables to get started with a delightful clean-down session.

It’s a portable unit that doesn’t need any electricity or batteries to work. Instead, it’s designed to use water pressure instead of any type of motor, making it a silent option too!

The Mud Daddy Pet Shower is an economically and eco-friendly horse shower, using around 90% less water when compared to traditional hose pipes.

It’s a fully mobile unit that is great to take along to shows or events and can keep water warm for up to 2.5 hours if you need to give your horse a quick wash when it’s cold out.

2. Best Boiler Unit: Camplux AY132B Tankless LP Gas Boiler Shower

  • Colours: Black
  • Dimensions: 29 x 11 x 37.6 cm
Best horse shower

This lightweight portable gas shower only weighs 4.54 kg. Its 37-mbar CE gas regulator is compatible with any propane gas bottle with a 27 mm clip-on connection.

It provides 5 litres of endless hot water per minute and is perfect for washing horses. It comes with a “flame failure” protection mechanism, which automatically shuts off the gas supply in any emergencies.

Being a tankless unit, the Camplux Gas Boiler Shower heats up 5 litres of water at a time, making it a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly option.

And you won’t have to wait for it to heat up, as it offers on-demand hot water! Reach your desired temperature – between 10°C and 65°C – with ease by simply turning the adjustable temperature gauge.

While this portable horse shower is in the higher price bracket, you can’t beat its power and efficiency!

3. Best Battery Operated Horse Shower: WADEO Upgraded Portable Shower

  • Colours: Black, green, orange
  • Dimensions: ‎24 x 21 x 7 cm
Best Battery Operated Horse Shower

This portable shower is actually a camping shower but it works extremely well as a portable horse shower. It has a 4,500 mAh lithium-ion built-in battery unit that provides up to 90 minutes of use (after a couple of charging hours).

It features three shower modes, easily interchangeable by twisting the shower head handle. The nozzle is strong and has two water-spewing modes; one for ‘press-and-play’ for quick squirts and another for continuous flow.

This horse shower has the added benefit of a suction cup, which you can stick to any surface for “hands-free” washing – especially helpful if your horse decides to make a run for it!

The water pump is attached to a filtration system, ensuring a clean water supply, and the filter is easy to remove and rinse out. Another nifty feature is its colour-coded temperature gauge. Green is for warm water in the range of 35-45℃, blue indicates water below 35℃ and red is the fiery zone (over 45℃).

4. Best Tankless Horse Shower: Thermomate AZ132 5L Portable Propane Water Heater

  • Colours: Black, white
  • Dimensions: ‎‎53.7 x 33.5 x 20 cm
Best tankless horse shower

The Thermomate AZ132 5L Portable Propane Water Heater is compact and easy to carry. It’s one of the best portable horse showers for outdoor use. It provides instant hot water (25°C) at a 5-litre-per-minute flow rate, with a 0.25 bar low water pressure startup. Its adjustable knobs also allow for easy temperature control.

This 5-litre portable horse shower is energy efficient. It uses propane gas to generate heat which can potentially last up to 2 months on a single tank! While some have reported the shower head to be a bit flimsy, I found it to work well when washing my horses. It has decent water pressure and can be connected to a garden hose for a quick water supply.

5. Best Handheld Shower: Ivation Handheld Portable Pet Shower

  • Colours: Red
  • Dimensions: ‎‎22.86 x 8.89 x 7.11 cm

Don’t let these little electric showers fool you, they mean serious business! They’re great to keep in your tack room – or anywhere in fact – for a quick horse wash down. Converting any water source into a gentle shower, these portable battery-operated devices make washing horses a breeze!

Efficiently removing debris from a mucky horse coat, these electric showers can last up to 1 hour on a single charge.

It provides ample water pressure for a thorough wash and features a built-in filter system to catch all those icky bits. Need some extra elbow grease when washing your horse? Don’t stress! Just attach the shower head to the suction cup and enjoy hands-free washing!

6. Best Horse Shower On A Budget: Generic Tap Mixer Connector Shower

  • Colours: Yellow
  • Dimensions: ‎‎27.8 x 19 x 7.7 cm
Mixer tap horse shower

The Generic Tap Mixer Connector Shower is an excellent option for those hesitant to invest in pricier models, offering a straightforward connection to any mains water supply for a steady water stream. Simply attach the horse shower nozzle over an outdoor tap in your yard, especially one connected to hot water, and voila!

Classed as a fixed unit or a permanent fixture, this horse shower limits you when it comes to where the washing can take place. However, featuring eight nozzle settings and fantastic water pressure, this one sure does a great job and never runs low on water!

7. Best Horse Shower Attachment: Aquapaw Equine Grooming Tool

  • Colours: Blue
  • Dimensions: 24.13 x 19.05 x 7.62 cm
Aquapaw shower

The Aquapaw Equine Grooming Tool is the perfect solution when you need to scrub off excess dirt from your horse. The shower head is made from silicone and plastic materials and easily connects to the end of a hose. It’s like having the convenience of a curry comb with the power of a water sprayer at your fingertips.

Since this is connected to your hose pipe, it doesn’t offer any warm water. It’s also quite limited in moveability, as it’s classed as a fixed unit.

But don’t let that deter you, it still makes a lovely “portable horse shower” in the hot summer!

What To Consider When Buying A Portable Horse Shower

  • Water capacity: Consider how much water the shower can hold. Depending on your needs, you might want a larger size to use for multiple washes; or a smaller one as a portable option.
  • Water pressure: A good portable horse shower should have adjustable water pressure. Some horses might be sensitive to strong water pressure, while others may need a more ‘forceful’ spray to remove dirt and excess sweat.
  • Temperature control: Look for horse showers will adjustable temperature knobs. These can be helpful especially in colder climates to provide a more pleasant bathing experience.
  • Battery: If the horse shower has an electric pump or heater, do check the battery life. The charge should last long enough to finish washing your horse, without having to recharge it multiple times.
  • Hose length: A good portable horse shower should have a hose that is long enough to reach all parts of your horse with ease.


Which is the best hot water horse shower?

Flexiheat’s Hot Horse Showeris the ideal hot water solution for equine enthusiasts. This propane gas-powered water heater provides instant hot water on demand with the click of a button. The SF14 model is a popular choice due to its 24 kW output. However, this is a permanent fixture (for outdoor use) and doesn’t give you the flexibility of being a portable unit.

What horse rug can I use after washing my horse?

A wicking rug is best to use after washing your horse. The moisture-wicking fibres “wick- away” (remove) excess water from your horse’s coat. Opt for meshed cooler rugs in summer or fleece-lined cooler rugs for winter. Just remember, there are many factors to consider before you decide to put a rug on a wet horse.

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