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40+ Black Horse Names

I often joke that owning a horse is like having a child with fewer tantrums and more neighing. But when choosing a name for a horse, you must remember that they’re a majestic, strong creature. So, why choose black horse names like “Brownie” or “Sparky” when you can have one that reflects their royal nature?

I’ve spent my entire life with black horses, and let me tell you, it’s not simple to think of a remarkable name. To make your life easier, I’ve compiled 40 black horse names that will make your equine companion the star of the show. Let’s get started!

Unisex Names for Black Horses

If you want something a bit more gender-neutral for your exotic black horse, you’re at the right place. I understand that you want your horse’s name to reflect their regal nature and exude strength and elegance. Here are some unisex names for black horses that fit the bill:

1. Midnight Majesty

The words “midnight” and “majesty” create mystery and grandeur. They represent your horse’s beauty and elegance. The name itself captures the majestic and powerful essence of black horses.

2. Shadow Dancer

“Shadow Dancer” implies a sense of movement and gracefulness. It creates the image of your horse effortlessly gliding through the shadows. This is among the best horse names to stand out and make a lasting impact on anybody who hears it.

3. Noir Noble

“Noir Noble” combines the elegance of the French word “noir” (meaning black) with the grandeur and dignity of “noble.” The name emphasises your horse’s shiny, dark eyes. It’s one of the most suitable black horse names to reflect its majestic personality.

4. Ebony Enigma

“Ebony Enigma” perfectly conveys your horse’s intriguing and secretive personality. Your black horse will have an aura of mystery and appeal with this name. This name is unique because it combines mysticism and elegance.

5. Obsidian Oracle

“Obsidian Oracle” perfectly portrays your horse’s black coat colour. It also conveys wisdom and mystery. The name suggests that your black horse is perceptive and wise. Its lyrical and mysterious nature makes it the perfect fit for a horse that epitomises intuition and power.

6. Onyx Knight

The name “Onyx Knight” creates an image of a courageous and noble warrior — a dark knight ready to protect and guard others. This is a fitting name if your black horse is bold, strong, and faithful. Especially if it has a sleek black coat that evokes the mysterious beauty of an onyx.

7. Sable Serenade

“Sable Serenade” is a name that perfectly conveys your horse’s grace and black beauty. The name “serenade” brings to mind a musical presence. “Sable” describes the coat’s deep, dark colour. The name is perfect if your horse has a calm and attractive presence.

8. Raven’s Pride

“Raven’s Pride” gives a sense of power and assurance. The word “pride” means dignity and self-assurance, while “raven” represents knowledge and insight. This is the perfect name if your black horse has a strong, independent attitude and a powerful presence!

9. Nightfall Legacy

“Nightfall Legacy” conjures up feelings of mystery and fascination. “Legacy” means a lasting influence or heritage, while “Nightfall” means darkness and the end of the day. This name is perfect if your black horse is graceful and elegant in the dark.

10. Coalfire Spirit

“Coalfire Spirit” perfectly expresses the nature of a wild and fiery horse. “Spirit” denotes the horse’s unwavering character, and “Coalfire” brings up the ferocity and intensity of a blazing fire.

11. Dark Starlight

“Dark Starlight” draws up feelings of magic and mystery. The striking contrast between “dark” and “starlight” represents the dark horse’s capacity to shine in dire circumstances. If your black horse has a distinct and enchanted aura that captivates people, this is a suitable name for it!

Male Black Horse Names (Black Stallions and Geldings)

We all know that stallions are the horse world’s equivalent of rock stars. So, why not give your black horse a name that reflects his celebrity? Here are a few recommendations:

12. Midnight Thunder

“Midnight Thunder” reflects your black horse’s intense and exciting presence. This name exudes power and energy, making it perfect for a black stallion or gelding. It’ll capture attention wherever he goes.

13. Shadowfax

If you’re a fan of “The Lord of the Rings,” you know about this name! Shadowfax is the name of Gandalf’s majestic and powerful horse. This name may be ideal for your black horse if it denotes power, loyalty, and a hint of magic.

14. Black Velvet

“Black Velvet” exudes sophistication and elegance, much like your black stallion. It captures his coat’s silky quality, making him stand out in a crowd.

15. Midnight Eclipse

“Midnight Eclipse” represents the mysticism, dark beauty, and attraction of your black male horse as the moon covers the sun. It implies that your horse enthrals everyone who sees him with his stylish look and captivating demeanour.

16. Stellar Stallion

“Stellar Stallion” captures the radiance of your black stallion. This is one of the best black horse names to imply that his strength and grandeur radiate from within.

17. Ruby King

“Ruby King” perfectly embodies your black stallion’s noble and authoritative demeanour. When you name your horse like this, you suggest it’s regal and powerful, similar to a king.

18. Black Night

“Black Night” represents your all-black steed’s enigmatic and gloomy nature. It makes one feel enthralled and mysterious as if he is hiding depths and secrets. It’s one of the most suitable black horse names to add mystery to your horse’s character.

19. Phantom Prince

“Phantom Prince” creates an aura of mystery and fascination. It implies that your horse has a supernatural, ethereal nature, akin to a phantom prince from a fairytale.

20. Thunderstorm

“Thunderstorm” exudes strength and ferocity. It depicts your horse as a natural power with a ferocious and unpredictable attitude. This black horse name adds excitement and danger to your horse’s personality and makes him look strong and awe-inspiring.

21. Nightshade

“Nightshade” gives your horse an aura of mystery and appeal. It evokes ideas of shadows and mystery, implying a dark and mysterious character.

Female Black Horse Names (Fillies and Mares)

Fillies and Mares are beautiful and have a certain je ne sais quoi that sets them apart. So, you need to come up with a good black horse name that reflects their grace, elegance, and femininity. Here are some of the best black horse names you can consider:

22. Ebony Mist

“Ebony Mist” is an ideal name for a female black horse. “Ebony” symbolises her dark and attractive beauty, while “Mist” adds mystery and mysticism. Her name will express grace and elegance, setting her apart.

23. Obsidian Dream

“Obsidian Dream” is among the most captivating female black horse names. “Obsidian” represents her smooth and shiny black coat colour, while “dream” connotes enchantment and attraction. It perfectly captures her beauty, elegance, and air of mystery.

24. Velvet Noir

“Velvet Noir” is one of the most appealing and classy black horse names. “Velvet” implies opulent softness, but “noir” implies darkness and mystery. It perfectly describes her sleek looks and secretive yet alluring attitude.

25. Midnight Symphony

“Midnight” connotes mystery and gloom, but “symphony” suggests elegance and harmony. This name captures her graceful movements and mysterious aura.

26. Jetstream Grace

“Jetstream Grace” implies elegance and agility. “Jetstream” depicts speed and fluidity, whereas “grace” connotes poise and beauty.

27. Stormy Velvet

“Stormy Velvet” is one of the best black horse names that captures the horse’s striking combination of strength and elegance. It evokes the image of her powerful presence, like a storm brewing combined with the luxury of velvet.

28. Velvet Vixen

“Velvet Vixen” evokes mystery and intrigue. The term “velvet” connotes a delicate and sumptuous texture. But “vixen” indicates a sneaky and crafty personality.

29. Obsidian Beauty

This name highlights the horse’s stunning and mysterious appearance. “Obsidian” describes her coat’s glossy black colour. While “Beauty” highlights her captivating and striking features. It’s a perfect black horse name to convey a sense of elegance and allure, making her stand out in any competition or show.

30. Onyx Oracle

“Onyx Oracle” emphasises the horse’s beautiful and enigmatic aspect. This black horse’s name suggests wisdom and mystery. “Onyx” represents power and protection, and “Oracle” represents knowledge and foresight.

31. Shadow’s Whisper

“Shadow’s Whisper” emphasises the horse’s enigmatic and elusive character. “Shadow” refers to her ability to blend in with darkness, and “Whisper” refers to her quiet and unobtrusive presence.

Names of Famous Black Horses

What’s horse naming without getting inspiration from famous black horses? Here are a few legendary black horse names that ooze power and allure:

32. Black Beauty

Black Beauty was a remarkable horse from Anna Sewell’s famous novel. He won readers over with bravery, tenacity, and moral fortitude. This famous black horse’s name signifies inner power, perseverance, and inspiration.

33. Midnight

Midnight, a horse nicknamed the “Black Stallion”, stole the show in Walter Farley’s beloved series. He captivated readers with his grace, speed, and untamed spirit. His name implies both mystery and untamed black beauty. This makes it perfect for black horses that exude charm and intrigue.

34. Diablo

Diablo, Maleficent’s loyal companion in “Sleeping Beauty”, had a menacing presence. The horse’s dark coat and aura matched the villain’s demeanour perfectly. The name Diablo is an excellent option if you want to project a sense of mystery and intrigue.

35. Bucephalus

Bucephalus was a horse owned by Alexander the Great and was renowned for his bravery, devotion, and unrivalled power. This is a black horse name that evokes nobility and strength, making it a perfect option for a horse who oozes bravery and commitment.

36. Pegasus

Pegasus was a winged, flight-capable horse in Greek mythology who was revered as a source of inspiration and knowledge. This is one of the most mythical names and is perfect for a horse that epitomises elegance and enlightenment.

37. Spirit

Originating from the animated feature “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”, this horse represented liberty, bravery, and the wild Spirit. Naming your horse Spirit is a great way to honour this well-known cartoon figure while also expressing the independence and spirit that your horse possesses.

38. Seabiscuit

During the Great Depression, Seabiscuit was a well-known racehorse who won hearts with his inspirational tale of perseverance. Naming your horse “Seabiscuit” honours this renowned racehorse and represents tenacity and success. It is a perfect name for a horse’s fiery personality, epitomising strength and resilience.

39. Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt, the magnificent horse that belonged to Hercules in the Disney classic, stood for strength, power, and loyalty. Naming your horse Thunderbolt symbolises your horse’s strength, passion, and commitment.

40. Secretariat

Secretariat was a Triple Crown champion and an outstanding racehorse who personified grace, speed, and an unbreakable soul. Aside from honouring a great racehorse and Triple Crown victor, naming your horse Secretariat also symbolises your horse’s attributes — speed and elegance.

41. Shadowfax

As Gandalf’s obedient and quick mount in the television series “Lord of the Rings” saga, Shadowfax stood for knowledge, trust, and a link to the otherworldly realm. The name represents your equine friend’s attributes, such as devotion, speed, and a profound comprehension of the magical world.


What do you call an all-black horse?

An all-black horse is often called a “true black”, a “black beauty” or a “black horse”. These terms refer to a horse’s remarkable and distinctive look when its coat is all black.

How do you choose an excellent black horse name?

When choosing an excellent name for a black horse, consider its appearance, behaviour, and other distinguishing characteristics. Take inspiration from their physical traits. For example, their lovely face or sleek black coat. Also, considering the horse’s temperament and other notable qualities may result in a good and memorable name.

Who is the black horse in the Bible?

A black horse is mentioned in the Bible in the Book of Revelation. This horse is one of the four Apocalyptic horses. It’s generally connected with starvation and poverty.

Final Thoughts

Naming a horse is a unique and intimate experience that lets you express your individuality and bond with your horse.

Remember to choose a name that captures their personality and appearance or resonates with you. Spend some time getting to know your horse’s unique traits so that you can come up with the ideal name for them.

With so many options, you’ll surely find a black horse name that embodies the essence of your equine companion.

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