What Is A Group Of Horses Called?

A group of horses can be called:

  • A Herd

  • A String

  • A Stud

  • A Rag

  • A Team

  • A Harras

  • A Band

  • A Remuda

  • A Troop

Herd of horses is the most common name for a group of horses

Officially, there is not one specific name given to a group of horses.

While a group of owls is known as a parliament, or a group of crows are known as a murder, horses do not have a unique group ‘name’ – although different people will have their own name for a group of horses.

Names like ‘team’ or ‘harras’ are used in certain circumstances, but the most commonly used name for a group of horses is a herd.

The term ‘herd’ is a word used to describe any large group of animals, specifically hooved animals, that move around together in a large group.

It is a very general term and this is likely why it is most commonly used to describe a group of horses – or instead, a herd of horses.

What do you call a group of horses?

If you are wondering about horses and what a group of horses are officially called, then read on

We are going to be taking a look at horses and their behavior to learn about how they live and interact with each other socially – in the wild and on the farm.

So, check out the information below!

Collective noun for horses

What Is A Group Of Wild Horses Called?

A group of wild horses is called a herd

The reason why a group of horses is usually called a herd is because horses (like most hooved animals) display herd behavior.

This means that there is a clear hierarchy in a group of horses, with a lead mare (that’s a female horse) who guides the herd towards food and water, and has general control over the movement of the herd overall.

Many wrongly believe that it is a male horse, a stallion, who is in charge of the herd – but stallions tend to stay at the rear of the herd to help encourage stragglers to keep up with the others and to fight off both other male stallions and predators.

So, while stallions do play an important role in the herd, they are not ‘the leaders’.

What is a Band of horses?

A band of horses is a separate group within a herd

There are different groups of horses which make up a herd known as ‘bands’. While the average herd can contain 25 individual horses, they do not all stay together.

They break down into bands which roam the same territory and move together.

These bands follow the harem model, where there will be a group of females and one male who breeds with the females.

As the colts grow older, the composition of the band changes as male colts will be driven away and forced to challenge other stallions for the right to breed with another band.

Herd bands can range from just three members to as many as twelve or more as colts are born and grow.

You can also find bachelor bands in some herds – hands of young stallions recently kicked out of their natal band (the band they were born into) and find companionship with other males.

They will stick together until they grow enough confidence and strength to challenge a stallion in a harem band. So, horses are herd animals which is why a group of horses is known as a herd.

Within a herd, there are smaller groups of horses known as ‘bands’ – but they all together make up a larger herd to share territory.

What is A Group Of Domesticated Horses called?

A group of domesticated horses can also be called a “herd”

A herd of horses in the wild is one thing, but what about a group of domesticated horses? like on a farm? These two types of groups are very different mainly due to numbers.

A herd of wild horses can reach numbers as high as 25, broken down into smaller bands to share territory, while most horse owners only keep between 1 to 3 working horses.

The lack of numbers mean that most farm horses do not have the same hierarchy as they would in the wild but still exhibit similar behaviors.

A group of domesticated horses can sometimes be called a “string”

In this case, a group of horses kept on a farm are sometimes known as a ‘string’. This term is usually applied to horses which are all owned by the same person.

So, if there are ever multiple horses mixed in the same field, each owner will have their own ‘string’ of horses which belong to them.

What Is A Group Of Colts Called?

A group of colts is called a “Rag”

Most colts will stay close to their mother until they are old enough to be weaned.

Male colts rarely ever leave before they are mature enough to join a bachelor band, so groups of colts are extremely rare and unlikely.

Despite this, the saying ‘a rag of colts’ tells us that a group of colts is known as a ‘rag’. While this term is fittingly cute for baby horses, it’s never really used.

Colts don’t really form groups – they stick with their mothers and once they are mature, they either leave or stay with their band depending on their sex.

Perhaps the term ‘rag of colts’ is more commonly used as an affectionate term for a group of rowdy kids, but you will hardly ever see one in the wild or even on farms.

What is a stud?

A stud is a farm where horses are kept for breeding

“Stud” comes from the Old English word “Stod” which means “place where horses are kept for breeding”,

What is a Harras of horses?

The group of horses that live at the stud are called a “Harras”

What is a Team of horses?

A team of horses is 4 or more horses being driven – think of the Budweiser team pulling their beer wagon.

What is a Remuda of horses?

A remuda is a group of horses kept by cowboys or cowgirls working on a ranch. The Remuda is managed by a Wrangler or horse boss who is responsible for selecting the appropriate horses for different tasks or situations. So a Remuda is a group of horses that a Wrangler picks horses from. The term is most commonly used in the western United States, particularly in the context of cattle ranching.

What is a Troop of horses?

A Troop is the name given to a group of horses that work together, for example, in The Trooping of The Colour, a display to celebrate the King’s birthday.

Pack of horses

Horses are never called a pack! However there is such a thing as a packhorse, which is a horse used to carry goods but not a rider. Think of a western movie where you see a cowboy leading another horse with all his gear on it. A group of working pack horses could be descrbed as a horse train, or mule train.

Final Thoughts

So, a group of horses is known as a herd due to the behavior of the horses within it, but the structure of a herd is much more complicated than many people assume.

Herds are formed of smaller groups of horses known as ‘bands’ and these can range from harem bands (including one male, multiple mares) and bachelor bands (made up of single stallions recently driven from their original natal band).

On a farm, herd structure is much more complex due to limited numbers but owners will have their own ‘strings’ of horses which they own.

And that’s everything you need to know about horses and their groups!

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