10 Strongest Horse Breeds In The World

The 10 Strongest Horse Breeds In The World

10. American Cream

9. Fresian

8. Ardennes

7. Dutch Draft

6. South German Coldblood

5. Suffolk Punch

4. Percheron

3. Clydesdale

2. Shire

1. Belgian Draft

These days, horses are mostly used for fun sporting activities such as dressage, jumping and hacking. However, horses were once heavily relied on as a working animal, and were given a variety of jobs including hauling bricks, pulling ploughs and even serving as a form of transportation.

Nowadays, horses are typically used for companionship and, even though the amount of horse-drawn carriages and ploughs has certainly reduced, there are many horses that are still used today for a variety of different work purposes.

More often than not, the horses that are used for these sorts of jobs are known for their power – but, which are the strongest?

If you are curious about which breeds of horses are the strongest, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to be providing you with a rundown of the 10 strongest breeds of horses in the world.

From the American Cream all the way to the Belgian draft, you’ll find a variety of horse breeds here. So, just keep on reading!

What are warmbloods, coldbloods and hot blooded horses?

When it comes to horses, even though there are many different breeds of horses in the world, they are typically split into three categories: warmbloods, cold bloods and hot blooded horses such as thoroughbreds.

Thoroughbreds are typically used as racehorses due to their optimized build created by crossing English mares with Arab stallions.

Warmbloods are defined as being athletic in build with calm temperaments and plenty of agility.

Due to their slimmer frames, warmbloods are not characterized as being strong or durable, which is why they are often used for companionship, riding and competing.

The we have cold blood horses.

These horses are considered to originate from colder climates of the world, which means that they typically tend to be larger, stronger and bigger boned than other breeds of horse.

Due to this, it means that they were commonly used for farming and other agricultural work. That being said, below, let’s take a closer look at some of the strongest horse breeds:

10 – American Cream Draft Horse

Fast Facts

  • Height: 15-17 hands

  • Weight: 1,600-2100 pounds

First we have the American Cream Draft Horse, which is the only American draft horse breed that still survives to this day.

They were initially bred during the early 1900s and were given their name due to their cream coats.

The American Cream Draft Horse typically tends to have amber-colored eyes and are known for their calm temperament that makes them ideal companions for humans, as well as ideal for work.

American Cream Draft Horses are typically very strong and stocky and typically tend to be anywhere from 15 to 17 hands high

In the modern day, American Cream Draft Horses are typically used for riding, carriage driving and farm work.

9 – Fresian Horse

Fast Facts

  • Height: 14-17 hands

  • Weight: 1,200-1400 pounds

Another powerful horse is the Friesian horse – which also just so happens to be considered one of the most beautiful horses in the world.

The Friesian horse comes from the Netherlands and despite being a draft horse is one of the smaller variations.

They are typically bred to serve specifically as an agricultural working horse, although due to their beauty and kind temperaments – these horses are now commonly used for dressage riding, ceremonial carriage-pulling purposes as well as for pleasure riding, too.

They are characterized by extremely feathered legs along with shiny black coats, and also go by the nickname of “Belgian Blacks”.

8 – Ardennes

Fast Facts

  • Height: 15-16 hands

  • Weight: 1,600-2200 pounds

Another strong breed horse is the Ardennes horse. The Ardennes horse is a muscular breed of horse that originated in the Ardennes region of Belgium…hence the name!

The Ardennes horse is one of the oldest draft horses in the world and is known for being very muscular, stocky and having feathered legs that stand them apart from other horses.

Despite their size, Ardennes horses are known for their calm and kind temperament which often gives them the label of “gentle giants”.

7- Dutch Draft

Fast Facts

  • Height: 15-17 hands

  • Weight: 1,400-1800 pounds

Next up, we have the Dutch Draft horse. This horse comes from Holland and was typically used for agricultural purposes after the end of World War I.

The Dutch Draft horse is one of the most powerful horses in the world and is characterized by plenty of stamina as well as a calming, kind temperament that makes them lovely companions.

Despite having a muscular body, Dutch Draft horses are also characterized by very heavily feathered legs, long necks, an arched back as well as varying colors of black, bay, cream and more.

6 – South German Coldblood Horse

Fast Facts

  • Height: 16-17 hands

  • Weight: 1000-1500 pounds

As you might have already guessed from the title, next up we have the South German Coldblood Horse, which originates from South Germany!

South German Coldblood Horses are one of the smaller draft breeds, although what they lack in size they certainly make up for in strength.

South German Coldblood Horses are known for being tough, strong and hardy, which makes them well suited to agricultural work.

Although, traditionally, these horses are most commonly used for showing as well as to pull carriages.

5 – Suffolk Punch

Fast Facts

  • Height: 16-17 hands

  • Weight: 1,000-2200 pounds

Next up, we have the Suffolk Punch. As you might have already been able to guess from the title, the Suffolk Punch is a breed of draft horse that originally comes from Suffolk, which is an area in England.

They are almost always a deep chestnut in color (some variations are possible, although extremely rare) and are known for having a muscular build with plenty of power.

Even though they are smaller than other draft breeds, they are just as strong – which is why they were commonly once used for war and farming purposes.

They were also considered to be one of the most economical draft breeds to keep, as they do not eat as much as other draft horses.

4 – Percheron

Fast Facts

  • Height: 15-19 hands

  • Weight: 1,800-2600 pounds

The Percheron originally comes from France and is known for being a very strong, powerful and muscular horse that is well-suited for training of all kinds.

The Percheron has a very mellow temperament despites its large size, and were originally used as war horses in the 1800s before then becoming a very popular draft horse in the USA.

In the modern day, the Percheron is still a popular draft horse and is often used for dressage competitions, companionship and more.

3 – Clydesdale

Fast Facts

  • Height: 17-18 hands

  • Weight: 1,800-2200 pounds

Originating from Scotland in the Clydesdale valley, the Clydesdale horse is a very powerful horse that was typically used for farming, agricultural and transportation during the 1900s.

The Clydesdale horse has strong muscles, a slightly arched back and strong bones that make these horses powerful and strong.

They are also typically bay in color, although black, dun an chestnut are also possible.

Clydesdale horses are known for their kind temperament and are typically used these days for showing, pulling carts, riding. logging and companionship.

2 – Shire Horse

Fast Facts

  • Height: 16-19 hands

  • Weight: 1,800-2400 pounds

We’re sure that you’ll have heard of the shire horse! Besides being one of the most beloved breeds of horses in the world, the shire horse is also one of the oldest types of draft horse in existence.

So much so, that records of the shire horse date all the way back to the 1600s.

Originally, these draft horses were commonly used for war purposes due to their size and strength, although they were also commonly used for farming and agricultural purposes, too.

In the modern day, the shire horse is commonly used in many disciplines, including dressage and showing.

1 – Belgian Draft Horse

Fast Facts

  • Height: 16.2-19 hands

  • Weight: 1800-2000 pounds

In first place we have the Belgian Draft Horse.

This breed of draft horse originally comes from Brabant, which is in Belgium, and is known for being one of the strongest breeds of horse on the planet.

They are often chestnut in color, with a flaxen that is lighter than the rest of the body.

Their heads are well shaped and they often have a lighter-colored mane and tail from the rest of the body, which makes them one of the most beautiful breeds of horse in the world.

Due to this, they are often used for showing and pleasure riding.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the need for strong horse breeds for work purposes and transportation has greatly declined in modern times due to the rise of modern machinery and other advanced vehicles.

Despite this, strong horse breeds are still often used for agricultural and farming purposes, as well as simply being a beloved companion.

Now that you have taken the time to read through this guide, we hope that you are now much more familiar with the differences between a warm blood horse and a cold blood horse, while also having a greater understanding of what the top 10 strongest breeds of horses are.

Thank you for reading, goodbye for now!

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