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10 Best Horse Riding Boots For Any Rider

Choosing the right pair of riding boots can make or break your riding experience. After all, who wants tired, aching feet at the end of the day? Of course, horseback riding boots are made to keep your feet secure and comfortable while you ride, but they’re also designed to work for various disciplines and riding styles.

Just as your horse needs the right tack with the right fit, you need the right gear (and yes, with the right fit, too!). To help you stay comfortable and ultra-stylish in the saddle, we’ve picked out some of our top picks for the best riding boots for everyone.

1. Best Tall Horse Riding Boots: Mountain Horse Sovereign Field Boot

Do you want a classic riding boot that is designed for style and functionality? Then the Mountain Horse Sovereign Field Boot has you covered! Or, more specifically, it has your feet covered. These boots combine waterproof full-grain leather and patent leather details for an elegant and luxurious riding boot.

What sets these boots apart is their Flexnotch Technology, which is incorporated for a heels-down position when you’re riding. This also adds to their overall comfort and gives you more flexibility in the ankle area. Additionally, they have a removable insole and a tempered steel shank for stability when you’re riding or walking.

The Sovereign Field boots have full-length zips at the back that are durable and strong, making these shoes a great investment for their longevity. They’re also complemented by a snapped zipper keeper at the top for added security.

To top it all off, these boots serve an additional function when you’re in the saddle. Moving to the outside of the boots, the outsole is made from a high-density material with ripple zones that are grip-responsive. This means that they can help to boost your grip on the stirrups.

2. Best Half Kid’s Horse Riding Boots: TuffRider Kids Starter Synthetic Zip Field Boots

The TuffRider Kids Field Boots are a great choice for any young equestrian. Made with synthetic leather, these boots have the look and feel of genuine leather but are much easier to clean and care for. If you ask us, that’s a huge win for parents since little riders have a tendency to get really muddy!

These boots have a full-length zip to make them easier to put on and take off, which is also fantastic for small hands. Additionally, they have a Spanish top and fixed elastic laces, giving them the appearance of traditional riding boots.

Since we all know how fussy kids can be about uncomfortable shoes, finding the right pair can be a hassle. Luckily, the TuffRider synthetic riding boots are fully lined and come with a performance footbed with a flexible construction. Plus, they have a contoured ankle and an elastic gusset for superb comfort from the first time they put it on.

3. Best Paddock Horse Riding Boots: TuffRider Mens Baroque Lace Paddock Boots

Is there anything more stylish than a pair of leather boots when you’re out on a ride? For men who want to look good both on and off of their horse, the TuffRider Mens Baroque Paddock Boots are some of the best around.

Made from premium full-grain leather, these lace-up boots are perfect for a snug and customised fit. The pulls at the back of the boot ankle make them easy to pull on and take off, which can save you time when you’re getting ready to saddle up.

The most interesting feature of these short boots is the included spur rest, which prevents the spurs from bouncing while you ride. Additionally, the combination of the leather exterior and rubber outsole makes them completely water-resistant. This is great news for riders who often find themselves in wet or muddy conditions!

4. Best Country Horse Riding Boots: Ovation Ladies Allana Country Boot

The Ovation Ladies Allana Country Boots are part of the All Country Collection, which is known for its superior quality, durability and sleek appearance. What really sets these stunning boots apart is the special waterproof and breathable mesh lining on the inside of the boots. This helps to keep your feet comfortable and dry in any weather conditions, which is great for trail and country riding.

In terms of design, the Allana Country Boot has a stylish two-buckle design with a plaid lining to add some flair to your everyday riding boots. The buckles are ideal for customising the fit of these long riding boots, which means you can adjust them to suit your preferences.

They’re also made from smooth genuine leather on the foot and on the top of the boot, which is complemented by the super-soft suede along the leg of the boot.

To top it all off, these tall riding boots are durable and practical, with a tough rubber sole and grippy treads. So, no matter what terrain you’re tackling, you’re sure to do it in style and comfort while staying protected against the elements.

5. Best Western Riding Boots: Laredo Mens Hammer Waterproof Western Boot

When you think about cowboys, you probably think of the authentic long leather riding boots that you see in classic Western films. Well, if you want that true cowboy style, then the Laredo Mens Hammer Waterproof riding boots are sure to exceed all of your expectations.

With leather feet and breathable and water-proof booties, these boots will make sure your feet stay protected and comfortable all day long. The breathable membrane and water-resistant leather are perfect for preventing moisture from entering your boots. This means that you can confidently tackle any terrain in any weather conditions and keep your feet dry and secure.

Comfort is a priority with these long riding boots, and they have a removable cushion insert to keep your feet snug when you’re out on the trail. Like most Western boots, the Laredo Western Boot has a broad, round toe to give your foot extra room. They also have a rubber sole which makes them more reliable and durable.

6. Best English Riding Boots For Women: Horze Women’s Chester Rubber Tall Boots

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the practicality of a solid pair of rubber boots. The Horze Women’s Chester Rubber Tall Boots are an excellent (and budget-friendly) choice for everyday riding.

Made from 100% rubber, these tall riding boots are strong and supple. They give off a stylish, sleek appearance that will last for a while to come. That means you won’t easily scuff and scratch the surface of this durable boot.

The strong rubber sole also effectively absorbs the impact of riding on your feet and, since they’re ribbed, you’re also sure to have a good grip on the stirrups at all times. Plus, they feature elastic side panels and a plush inner lining. This makes for a more comfortable fit and more flexible foot movement, making them suitable for every type of rider.

One of the best parts of these rubber boots is that they are super easy to maintain and only need to be wiped down with a damp cloth when they’re looking a bit mucky.

7. Best Winter Horse Riding Boots: TuffRider Arctic Fleece Lined Winter Tall Boot

The TuffRider Arctic Fleece Winter Boots are designed to keep you warm and comfortable during the colder months, making them ideal for winter riding. Not only are these boots incredibly stylish, but they’re also durable and reliable for everyday wear when the weather turns colder.

There’s nothing worse than cold, numb feet in the winter. Luckily, these boots have a synthetic fleece lining which gives some extra insulation and warmth on chilly rides. The water-resistant leather upper of this riding boot is also made to withstand the elements, no matter how frosty it gets.

The Arctic Fleece riding boot has an ultra-contoured fit for some flexibility, meaning your feet can move freely. The rubber sole on the bottom helps with grip, and there is a zip with a snap closure on the side of each tall boot to help you secure them.

For extra comfort, it’s important to note that these boots feature cloud-soft memory foam inserts to cushion your feet all day long. So, whether you’re using them as yard boots or riding boots, your feet are sure to thank you!

8. Best Horse Riding Boots For Wide Calves / Unisex: Tredstep Unisex Vasari Field Boots

For amazing comfort and movement, you won’t get any better than the Unisex Vasari Feild Boots. These boots are perfectly crafted in Europe and made from high-quality full-grain leather, but what really sets them apart are their high tensile stretch panels. The panels help to give the boots a more tailored fit, which is great for riders with wider calves.

Speaking of calves, the Vasari Field Boots have also been designed with precision shaping and curving around the calf to ensure a perfectly sculpted and customised fit. The unique curve of these boots is thanks to how they have been particularly crafted on timber moulds. It’s this unique shape that allows these boots to be perfectly suited to both men and women!

With full leather lining as well, they have an air of luxury that you just can’t beat. Adding to this, they have a cushioned rubber sole to give you a better grip on the stirrups and tricky terrain.

9. Best Horse Riding Boots For Wide Feet: Justin Mens George Strait Fireman Sq Boots

The Justin Mens George Sq Boots are the ideal combination of style, functionality, and comfort. These features all work together to create the perfect riding boot for the hardworking man. Made from genuine cowhide leather, the boots come with an 11-inch (28 cm) shaft, a broad square toe, and a long base block heel. This makes them a great choice for longer rides or everyday wear.

Putting these boots head-and-shoulders above the rest is the patented J-Flex Flexible Comfort System, which is specially designed to make these riding boots the most comfortable pair you’ll ever own. This system includes a leather-covered yet cushioned insole and a triple-density insole board, which gives you unmatched comfort. It’s like these boots have already been broken in for you!

If you have wider feet, the wide square toe provides you with more than enough room within the boot. No more squeezing your feet into slim boots that pinch and cause nasty blisters! Instead, you can wear these boots all day long without any aches or pains.

10. Best Starter Zip Horse Riding Boots For Kids: TuffRider Starter Zip Paddock

Another fantastic pair of paddock boots for young riders is the TuffRider Starter Zip short riding boots. With a traditional riding boot design, these boots look sleek and stylish without compromising on comfort.

To make it easier to get the boots on and take them off, they have a heavy-duty zip that is easy for little hands to use. Plus, the dual elastic panel on the sides will give little feet a comfortable and secure fit. This helps to create a more flexible ankle as well, leaving kiddies’ feet free to move around naturally.

On the outside of the boot, the PVC outsole is durable and gives a good amount of shock absorption. Meanwhile, the inside of the boot has a soft and breathable lining for optimal ventilation on long rides. Adding to these fantastic features is the punched toe cap for a classic look and extra functionality.

Overall, these boots are designed for a better feel in the stirrup. This is extra handy for little riders who are just starting out on their horse riding journey and will give them the confidence boost they need in the saddle. Despite having a thinner sole, these boots are ultra-durable and water-resistant, which gives them similar properties to traditional paddock boots.


What boots do horse riders wear?

Horse riders wear specialised riding boots that are necessary for several reasons when they’re riding horses. There are also several types of riding boots like field boots, jodhpur boots (or paddock boots), or Western riding boots.

Riding boots come in all shapes and sizes, but the specific type that a rider wears will depend on their riding style and preferences. It’s important to remember, however, that riding boots are different from dress boots (fashion boots) since they serve a specific purpose.

Are tall or short boots better for horse riding?

The choice between tall or short riding boots really depends on what you’re comfortable with (as well as your riding discipline). Generally, tall boots are used in English riding disciplines like dressage and showjumping. These boots also provide extra support to the lower legs and ankles.

On the other hand, short riding boots like paddock boots are super versatile and work for various riding styles. And, when they’re combined with half chaps, they serve a similar purpose to tall riding boots. Still, the choice boils down to your personal preferences.

What’s special about horse riding boots?

Horseback riding boots are specially designed for equestrians and have a few distinct features that each have their own unique purposes. This is what sets them apart from everyday dress boots.

One of these features is the heel of the riding boot, which is usually slanted or angled to stop the rider’s foot from sliding too far through the stirrup. Similarly, these boots will typically have a reinforced toe to prevent riders from any nasty injuries when they’re working around horses.

While there are many, many more features that these boots have, the specific features depend on the brand and style of the riding boot you’re buying. So it’s important to buy boots that meet your specific needs and preferences.

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