How Much Do Horse Riding Lessons Cost In 2024?

How much are horse riding lessons?

Horse riding lessons cost around £30 to £50 for a private lesson. It’s hard to say exactly how much a lesson will cost because many factors go into the price. This article explains everything you need to think about to book the right lesson for you, and get the best lesson for your money.

What is the Average cost of a horse riding lesson in the UK in 2024?

We carried out a survey of riding lesson prices across the UK and found:

The average cost of a 30 minute private horse riding lesson in the UK is £42.

The average cost of a 45 minute private horse riding lesson in the UK is £57.

The average cost of a 30 minute group horse riding lesson in the UK is £27.

The average cost of a 45 minute group horse riding lesson in the UK is £33.

The average cost of a 60 minute group horse riding lesson in the UK is £37.

Be aware that there is a HUGE variance in prices and what you pay will be influced by many factors

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The cost of riding lessons in the UK varies based on a number of factors.

1. Location:

Inside big cities, the cost is likely to be higher due to factors such as higher building rates, higher rents, inability for riding schools to make their own fodder and costs to dispose of muck.

2. Facilities:

Riding centres with indoor schools are likely to charge more, simply because their rent/rates/maintenance/electricity bills will be higher, however in return what you get is the ability to ride year-round in all weathers.  Consistency is key in riding, so if you want to ride regularly with minimal cancellations finding a riding school with a good indoor is recommended.

3. Horses:

Does the riding school have a large selection of horses for you to ride and progress on?  Looking after horses isn’t cheap so a riding school with a big variety will likely have to charge more.  On the plus side, you get the opportunity to improve your skills on many different horses.

4. Riding level:

Are you a beginner or looking for a top level eventing coach?  If it’s eventing coaching you will likely have to pay more for a lesson, however beginner lessons often aren’t the lowest cost. Often you will need a leader and possibly one-on-one coaching.  Riding usually becomes a bit cheaper once you can stop, steer and do a rising trot because once you have mastered that you can join a group lesson.

5. Accreditation:

All riding schools have to have a riding school licence as per the Riding Establishments Act 1964 and 1970.  If they do not, you are unlikely to be covered by insurance if you have an accident.  You also cannot guarantee the horses are being looked after properly and checked by a vet once per year.  Further accreditation, such as BHS approval is highly recommended as it means you will receive a high standard of coaching.

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6. Private or group lessons:

A private lesson requires a coach dedicated to you.  They are usually shorter than a group lesson, but you often do just as much riding so they can be good value.

7. Lesson length:

For a wee one, 15 minutes might be enough, but some sessions could go up to 2 hours.  30 minute privates or 45 to 60 minute group lessons are the most common.

8. Trekking Vs Riding Lessons:

Trekking can be one of the best value ways to get on a horse, but don’t expect any coaching.  Also the horses usually know the routes very well and are often the ones in control – not you!

9. Time of Day:

On weekdays, 9am to 4pm, you can often find lower cost riding.  Prices might be higher evenings and weekends.

10. Jumping, or Flatwork:

If you want to jump you are likely to have to pay more, that’s because the riding schools will only jump their horses a few times per week and will likely only do one lesson with them that day.

11. Club membership:

Remember to include the cost of club membership!  Divide it by the amount of lessons you think you will have each year.  £120 per year is an extra £3 per lesson if you plan to have 40 lessons per year.  (top tip… ride more to bring the extra cost per lesson down!)

12. Equipment Rental:

Is hat and boot hire included?

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Horse riding lessons near me

We have put together guidance for various parts of the country.  Just remember, there is a HUGE variance in facilities and services that each riding school offers and they set their prices accordingly.  Ask yourself what you want from your riding experience before deciding how much you’d like to spend.   Prices on the lower end might have outdoor riding only and may be far out of the city centre.  They also might only do a few lessons per week.

Average horse riding lesson prices per area are listed below

Scotland, Northern Ireland, North East and Northwest England

30 minute group

£20 to £30

45 minute group

£24 to £36

60 minute group

£27 to £42

30 minute private

£25 to £47

45 minute private

£40 to £52

Yorkshire, East and West midlands, East of England

30 minute group

£14 to £31

45 minute group

£17 to £36

60 minute group

£27 to £52

30 minute private

£25 to £52

45 minute private

£40 to £80

Wales, South West

30 minute group

£14 to £30

45 minute group

£24 to £44

60 minute group

£27 to £40

30 minute private

£25 to £55

45 minute private

£38 to £62

London, South East

30 minute group

£20 to £40

45 minute group

£24 to £48

60 minute group

£25 to £55

30 minute private

£35 to £72

45 minute private

£38 to £108

Owning a Horse Vs Riding Lessons

How would this compare to owning a horse?  Its hard to say exactly as there are many variables in owning a horse, but if you took an average full livery price at £130/week and added £1000 for vet, dentist and farrier fees you’d be looking at £7760 per year – and that’s without the purchase price.

Let’s say you spent an average of £40 per lesson between groups and privates, that would get you 194 lessons in a year.  Which is nearly 4 lessons a week!  So, you can see that riding schools offer very good value for money.

There is no doubt that horse ownership is very rewarding, and you can’t put a price on the joy you get from forming a bond with your horse and taking them out on a hack, or to a show or an event.  But if value for money is what you are after, as well as the experience of riding a variety of horses without the risk of them going off lame, or something worse, then frequenting your local friendly riding school is a very good option.

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Bring down the cost of riding

Ways to find cheap horse riding lessons near you:

1.     Ride weekdays between 9am and 4pm:

Many riding schools offer discounts for off peak times.

2.     Ride in group lessons:

Often you will get a longer session for less than a private lesson. It can give you a bot more time away from the instructors glare to try things out, and you learn from the instructors feedback to the other riders.

3.     Save on equipment hire:

Buy your own hat and boots to save on hire.

4.     Bulk Discounts:

Find out if your riding school offers bulk discounts if you buy and book a block of lessons.

5.     Offer your services from free:

As you get better at riding, ask if any of the riding school horses require schooling.  Your riding school might even offer schooling lessons so you can learn to lunge and bring on youngsters.

6.     Get a job at you local riding school:

If you are an experienced rider you might get to ride some of the horses

7.     Get into a group quickly:

When you start riding, take a block of private lessons to accelerate you into group lessons as soon as possible.  Start with a block of 6 lessons and if you come on quickly, you’ll be in group lessons before you know it

8.     Join a pony camp.

You’ll probably get to ride a few times each day, and getting confident around horses on the ground will speed you into a group.

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