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18 Best Waterproof Riding Jackets

The weather in the UK can be unpredictable, wet and cold. Therefore, investing in a good-quality, waterproof riding jacket ensures you always stay warm and dry when training your horse in the winter.

Waterproof horse riding jackets – with their water-repellent outer layers, brushed or fleece inners and handy storm cuffs – are designed to keep you dry and comfortable, no matter the weather.

In this article, I’ll discuss some of the best waterproof riding jackets I’ve come across – for men, women, and kids – to help you find one that best suits your needs.

Waterproof Or Water-Resistant – What Does It Mean?

You often see jackets labelled waterproof or water-resistant, but what does that mean?

  • Water-resistant. Jackets labelled as water-resistant are perfect to wear in a drizzle. They perform well in slightly rainy conditions but quickly get drenched and water-soaked in heavier downpours. These jackets are:
    • Treated with a durable water-repellent
    • Have low water protection
    • Do not have taped seams
    • Lack of a waterproof fabric membrane.
  • Waterproof. A waterproof coat or jacket has a water-repellent outer shell or layer and ensures that you stay dry in wet weather. They are:
    • Treated with a durable water-repellent
    • Offer a high level of water protection
    • Have fully taped seams
    • Feature a sewn-in waterproof fabric membrane

Best Riding Jackets For Women

1. Best hooded waterproof jacket for womenNordic Winter Riding Parka

This stylish jacket is perfect for rainy days out in the field. Boasting a tailored cut, you can adjust its drawstring waist for a snugger fit, while its adjustable storm cuffs ensure you lock out the cold. This parka – made of breathable, water- and windproof material – ensures you stay warm and dry when caught out in the rain.

Notable features:

  • Two-way zip
  • Detachable and adjustable hood
  • Two concealed and a breast pocket.

2. Best all-around waterproof jacket for women Kerrits Waterproof All Around Rain Jacket

This jacket is seam-sealed to lock out rain, wind and cold. With a stow-away hood and a three-season shell, it ensures maximum comfort. The hip-length Kerrits Waterproof All Around Rain Jacket also has under-arm ventilation to keep you cool and fresh on intense rides.

Notable features:

  • A two-way zipper
  • Two spacious front zip pockets
  • Adjustable Velcro cuff.

3. Best rain shell for womenEquine Couture Ladies Marmara Rain Shell

Equine Couture Ladies Marmara Rain Shell

This highly breathable jacket is made from lightweight material and is a perfect all-weather companion.

Keeping you dry from rain and sweat, the Equine Couture Ladies Marmara Rain Shell has a high neck, drawstring hoodie and elastic cuffs and waist to ensure maximum snugness and warmth in windy and wet conditions.

Notable features:

  • Large waterproof hood
  • Dual zipper
  • Front pockets

4. Best lightweight rain shell for womenEquine Couture Ladies Element Jacket

Equine Couture Ladies Element Jacket

This lightweight rain shell is made of 100% polyester and promises to keep you dry and warm in wet and rainy weather. This jacket is made of soft, imported material, is easy to wash, and is perfect for cooler weather.

Notable features:

  • Full-length zipper with buttons
  • Waterproof hood
  • Convertible coat tails

5. Best faux fur riding coat for womenDania Women’s Winter Raincoat with Fleece Lining

Dania Women's Winter Raincoat with Fleece Lining

This longer-length winter horse-riding jacket promises to keep you dry from head to toe. Lined with a faux fur inner, the jacket keeps you warm while its back slits (with press buttons) provide added comfort and protect your saddle.

Notable features:

  • Modifiable hood and cuffs
  • Two-way front zipper
  • Two zipper pockets.

6. Best luxury-feel riding coat for womenEquetech Utopia Waterproof Stretch Riding Coat

This excellent-quality waterproof coat is made from stretchable material and ensures you always stay dry and warm. It features a large gusset which can be zipped away when not needed. With its added reflective strips, it ensures you remain highly visible while on horseback.

Notable features:

  • Leg Velcro fastenings
  • Large external pockets and hood
  • A two-layer storm flap

7. Best budget-friendly riding jackets for womenLeMieux Ladies Elite Crew Jacket

This waterproof coat, with its sealed seams and water-repellent outer, ensures you stay dry no matter the weather. With its leak-proof outer jacket, synthetic filling and two-way waterproof front zipper, you’re guaranteed a warm and comfortable ride in the saddle.

Notable features:

  • Sealed, fleece-lined pockets
  • Elastic leg straps
  • Removable hood

8. Best long-length jacket for womenEquine Couture Element Rain Jacket

Equine Couture Element Rain Jacket

Use this waterproof coat to protect you during your riding lessons or working in the barn. It’s water- and windproof and offers maximum breathability. Its waterproof hood helps keep the wind and rain out and ensures you’re always protected and comfortable.

Notable features:

  • A zipper
  • Adjustable elastic waist
  • Extra large pockets.

Best Riding Jackets For Men

9. Best heavy-duty waterproof jacket for menFlexothane Waterproof Classic Dortmund Jacket

This heavy-duty jacket is made from stretchable, durable material to ensure maximum moveability. With its protective water- and windproof outer shell, fleece lining and high-frequency sealed seams, it promises to keep you protected no matter the amount of rain and snow. It also has under-arm ventilation to avoid overheating.

Notable features:

  • A foldaway hood
  • Twin patch pockets
  • Front zip

10. Best extra-safety waterproof jacket for menHorseware Corrib Neon Jacket

With its eye-catching fluorescent panels, the Horseware Corrib Neon Jacket ensures you and your horse are visible – especially after dark. With its 100% outer nylon shell, high-quality fleece lining, and taped seams, this safety jacket will keep you warm and dry in even the worst British winters.

Notable features:

  • Two-way zip
  • Zipped pockets
  • Detachable hood

11. Best cool weather jacket for men Kerrits Mens Soft Shell Riding Jacket

This wind-, water- and stain-resistant jacket is made of a soft bi-component fabric, making it an excellent choice for riding or working in the stables. With a stretchy layer, it moves with your body, providing maximum moveability and overall comfort. With its minimal seaming, adjustable cuffs, and soft brushed interior, this is the perfect choice for cool weather.

Notable features:

  • Two-way front zip
  • Chin guard
  • Two side zipped pockets

12. Best stretchy soft shell jacket for men AA Milis Men’s Waterproof Jacket

Featuring a four-way stretchable material, this jacket is waterproof and promises a comfortable fit every time. Made of a breathable 100% polyester knit fabric and featuring waterproof zippers and adjustable cuffs, this jacket is perfect for long days out in the paddocks.

Notable features:

  • Taped seams
  • Hidden Hood
  • Adjustable soft-tab storm cuffs
  • Two side front zipped pockets and one chest pocket

Best Riding Jackets for Kids

13. Best waterproof riding jackets for kids Clara Kids Rain Riding Jacket

Choose this horse riding jacket to keep your kids dry while training for their next big show-jumping event. With its taped seams, this longer-cut jacket ensures your future horse riding star stays dry, warm and comfortable. Made of a cotton-mix body lining and polyester sleeve lining, this is the perfect choice for parents who want to see their kids perform at their best.

Notable features:

  • Two-way front zipper
  • Detachable hood
  • Two flap pockets

14. Best warmer-weather waterproof jacket for kidsHamburg Riding Jacket by Waldhausen

Hamburg Riding Jacket by Waldhausen

This trendy jacket is perfect for use in warmer months. With its tailored cut and handy drawstring adjustable waist, this jacket promises a warm and snug fit. Made of breathable, water- and windproof material, it also offers an easily adjustable riding vent and storm cuffs to ensure your child remains comfortable while going through their paces.

Notable features:

  • Two-way fastening zip
  • Removable hood
  • Zipped pockets

15. Best insulated riding jackets for kidsCheyenne Kids Padded Winter Riding Jacket

This padded jacket is perfect for riding in cold weather. With its water-repellent and windproof outer and side-slit zippers, it promises to keep your child warm and dry no matter how heavy the downpour is. The jacket’s stand-up collar and ribbed inner cuffs provide extra warmth and comfort, while its reflective tape features enhance your child’s visibility and safety.

Notable features:

  • Removable hood
  • Zipper pockets
  • Adjustable hem with string

16. Best soft-shell jacket for kidsKerrits Kids Softshell Riding Jacket

This durable, soft-shell jacket is another great option for keeping kids dry and comfortable on wet and cold days. Made of wind- and water-resistant bi-component outer, the Kerrits Kids Softshell Riding Jacket sheds rain, snow, dirt and horsehair.

Notable features:

  • Front zip
  • Two side zip pockets
  • Stand-up collar

Best Unisex Waterproof Riding Jackets

17. Best long-length unisex waterproof jacketOvation Coach Raincoat

This lightweight unisex jacket is perfect for protection in all types of weather conditions.

Boasting innovative features, this longer-length jacket ensures you stay warm, dry and comfortable on horseback. With an adjustable waist – to adjust the fit to your liking and comfort – the Ovation Coach Raincoat also has elastic leg straps to lock out any rain.

Notable features:

  • Adjustable hood
  • Adjustable rear riding gusset
  • Reflective tape on the back, shoulders and pockets.

18. Best slim-fit unisex waterproof jacket – Alexa Unisex Club Riding Jacket

Alexa Unisex Club Riding Jacket

Perfect for both men and women, this jacket with its sporty style provides ample protection against wet and cold weather. The jacket uses a lightweight fleece lining to allow maximum movement on horseback. This well-designed, slim-fit jacket also offers a lot of breathability, ensuring that you stay well-ventilated while training your horse.

Notable features:

  • Hidden, detachable hood
  • Upright collar
  • Taped seams

How To Select A Waterproof Riding Jacket

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for a good riding jacket or waterproof coat:

  • Activity: When selecting a jacket, consider what activity you’ll need it for. If you avoid riding in stormy weather, get a water-resistant jacket to keep you dry when caught in the occasional drizzle. Choose a waterproof jacket – for extra protection – if you spend a lot of time on horseback, no matter how heavy it rains or snows.
  • Design: Horse riding jackets come in a variety of designs. Many of these jackets come with two-way zippers or rear vents, improving airflow to help keep you cool. These vents and zippers can also be closed to prevent water from seeping in. Also, select a jacket with at least one internal pocket to keep your possessions dry and safe.
  • Cost: Select a jacket that fits your budget. Sometimes it’s best to buy a pricier jacket as they are of higher quality, perform better and last longer than cheaper options.

Always wear the correct horse riding clothing – and have a trustable waterproof jacket – when venturing out into the cold UK winters.


How long should my waterproof jacket last?

If you take good care of your jacket, it can easily last between 5 and 10 years. If you wash it often and let it fully dry between rides, your jacket can protect you for years.

How often should I wash my waterproof jacket?

Try to wash your jacket at least once a month. If you use it often, try to wash it after every ride, especially if it has been heavily soiled or drenched in rainwater. Just ensure that it dries properly before using it on your next ride.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you don’t damage the jacket, and use the correct detergent.

How do I dry my waterproof jacket?

Many waterproof horse riding jackets are designed to dry relatively quickly. If you’ve finished riding and the jacket is not too wet, hang it in a well-ventilated area to air dry. But, if it’s drenched after a ride in heavy rain, the jacket may take longer to dry.

If you decide to dry the jacket in a dryer, remember that high heat can damage the jacket’s fabric and waterproof outer layer. Therefore, always dry it on low-to-medium heat for 30 minutes in a machine dryer.

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