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Finding Your Feet: The 6 Best Riding Boots for Women [2023]

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my years in the saddles, it’s that not all riding boots are created equal. No matter whether you’re a seasoned pro or a fresh-faced beginner, the right pair of riding boots is an extension of you.

Your riding boots are more than just fancy footwear. They can be the difference between a confident canter and an awkward wobble. And clean, muck-free feet, of course!

So, ladies, if you want to be comfortable and secure in the saddle, you’re going to need the best boots. But the market is so varied, it can be hard to choose. Long boots, short boots, field boots, dress boots – it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

Luckily for you, I’ve dug deep and found the best women’s riding boots on the market!

Types of Riding Boots To Choose From

Alright, let’s talk riding boots types. Trust me, this matters!

Just like the horses we ride, riding boots come in all sorts of styles, each with its own purpose and suited for a select riding discipline. All these styles can be broken down into two broad categories: long riding boots and short riding boots.

Long Riding Boots

Often referred to as tall boots, these classics are the go-to footwear for riders and are the traditional choice in competitive settings. Designed to cover and protect your entire lower leg, these boots reach all the way up to your knee.

In this category, you’ll find a few different types of riding boots, namely:

  • Dress boots: Imagine the aristocrats of equestrian footwear, and you’ve got dress boots. They’re tall, sleek and typically made from premium full-grain leather. The dress boot is the choice for formal riding disciplines like dressage, show jumping and eventing.
  • Field boots: Similar to dress boots, but with one difference: laces. Field boots come with laces at the ankle, providing a distinct look and a bit more flexibility. This is what makes them popular among jumpers and eventers who require freedom of movement.

Short Riding Boots

For young riders looking for comfort or those seeking a more laid-back riding experience, short riding boots are a more casual alternative. The short design is the go-to riding boot style for recreational riders, providing key features while being budget-friendly.

  • Paddock boots: Despite being occasionally marketed as riding boots, paddock boots are primarily designed for the demanding tasks of yard and stable work. They’re durable, comfortable and built to handle hay, mud and manure.
  • Jodhpur boots: Also known as Chelsea boots, jodhpur boots are short, ankle-high riding boots that offer comfort, flexibility and a touch of style. They typically feature a pointed tow and low heel, perfect for both the riding arena and everyday activities.

Western Riding Boots

Of course, you’ve also got your Western boots, specifically designed for Western riding disciplines. These boots come with a taller heel and a squared or pointed toe to help with quick mounting and dismounting.

6 Best Riding Boots for Women

1. Best Overall – Ariat Women’s Heritage Contour II Field Tall Boots

Key features:

  • Sizes: UK size 3-8.5
  • Colours: Black, Sienna (Deep Mauve)
  • Materials: Full-grain leather

If there’s a riding boot that effortlessly combines comfort, practicality and style in the saddle, it’s Ariat’s Heritage Contour II Field Boots. Crafted from quality full-grain leather, they exude both elegance and durability.

When you slip these boots on, you’ll understand why they’re so popular. The high Spanish cut topline and elegant ankle contour deliver a sleek profile that’s perfect for the show ring. You’ll be strutting your stuff in confidence with the elegant look of these boots.

But these boots aren’t just about the looks (although they really do look good). Ariat’s 4LR technology keeps you comfortable for those long hours in the stirrups with lightweight support and stability. You’ll also benefit from secure footing with the reliable Duratread sole and zero pain and blistering with the removable All Day Cushioning insole.

And don’t worry about there being a hassle to get into these; it’s a breeze thanks to the boot slide and full-length YKK back zipper.

Whether you’re looking for something a little more classy for the show ring or just an all-around durable tall boot for everyday riding, this is it!


  • Excellent value for money
  • Made from durable and quality full-grain leather
  • The moisture-wicking sock liners keep your feet dry during long rides
  • Full leather lining keeps you comfy all day


  • Premium price but quality and features come at a cost!

2. Best Value – Shire Moretta Luisa Riding Boots

Key features:

  • Sizes: UK size 4-9
  • Colours: Black
  • Materials: Synthetic leather

Quality riding boots often come with a hefty price tag, but Shire Equestrian’s Moretta Luise Riding Boot proves that value doesn’t have to break the bank.

Crafted from synthetic leather, these boots offer both style and practicality. The dressage cut tops give your legs an elegant, elongated look, while the synthetic material ensures easy care. The inner calves are hard-wearing, so you can use these boots over and over in the saddle with no wear and tear.

Comfort isn’t compromised either. The WickAway stay-dry lining and soft leather inners keep your feet comfortable and dry during those long rides. Plus, your feet will stay energised in the stirrups thanks to Moretta’s ActiveFlex insole with Impact Support System.

Beyond its features, it’s still a great-looking riding boot. For a mere £84.99, you get a luxurious fit and aesthetic appeal.


  • High-quality riding boots at an affordable price
  • Despite their low price, these boots offer an elegant and stylish appearance
  • Strong rubber outsole for traction and ActiveFlex insole for comfort


  • Only comes in black – may not be a big deal for some
  • Lacks the look, feel and comfort of genuine leather

3. Best for Beginners – Tuffrider Ladies’ Starter Field Boots

Key features:

  • Sizes: UK size 4-9
  • Colours: Black
  • Materials: Synthetic leather

If you’re stepping into the world of riding, Tuffrider’s Starter Field Boots are for you. Who they’re made for is literally in the name! From the look and the features to the reasonable price tag, they’re a beginner rider’s dream.

With their Spanish top, contoured ankle and traditional look, they strike the perfect balance between looks and performance. Made from water-resistant luxurious faux leather, these boots are up for any challenge, whether it’s a schooling session or a long trail ride.

A major plus is that these boots break in immediately, so you can focus solely on your riding. You’ll also appreciate the comfy fit thanks to the flex construction and elastic gussets.

As a newcomer to riding, it’s natural to expect a few bumps and scrapes along the way. Fortunately, these boots are built to handle the wear and tear of your learning curve, remaining supple and robust.


  • Specifically designed for beginners with rider-friendly features and price
  • Spanish top and round-shaped toe offer a touch of style
  • Quick break-in period


  • Price may not be friendly to every beginner
  • Only available in black

4. Best for Everyday Riding – Horze Rover Tall Field Boots

Key features:

  • Sizes: UK size 3.5-9.5
  • Colours: Black, Dark Brown
  • Materials: 100% PU leather

For everyday riding and all-day comfort, Horze’s Rover Tall Field Boots are my top pick. Whether you’re in the saddle, the paddock or around the stable, you’ll appreciate the support these boots offer.

They keep your feet feeling fresh, even during those long rides, thanks to the soft synthetic leather and breathable mesh lining. The elastic front laces provide a classic touch, while the elastic stretch panel on the calves give you a stretchy, snug feel.

The sole is also thoughtfully designed with all-day riding in mind, offering the perfect support for your feet, in and out of the stirrups. Plus, the YKK back zipper means you can slip them on and off easily.

In addition, the classic style of these horse riding boots is timeless and effortlessly matches your riding outfits.


  • Great for everyday riding at a reasonable price
  • Breathable mesh lining keeps your feet from sweating
  • Great size range


  • May not be ideal for rigorous training and competitive disciplines

5. Best Performance Riding Boots – Ariat Ascent Women’s Tall Boot

Key features:

  • Sizes: UK size 3.5-7.5
  • Colours: Black
  • Materials: Mixed materials

When it comes to top-tier performance in the saddle, Ariat’s Ascent Women’s Tall Boots take the rein. Expertly crafted from high-tech synthetic leather and knit, they’re arguably the latest in comfort and innovation for women’s horse riding boots. Just taking a look at them, they look like something out of a sci-fi movie!

What sets these boots apart is their versatility. Foldable and easy to take wherever you go, they promise effortless, all-day rides, whether you’re in training mode or strutting your stuff in the show ring. The inner leg panel, made with high-grip material, ensures stability, while the Pro Performance insoles give your feet the cushioning they need for those gruelling sessions.

With features like the ATS lightweight forked shank, dual-density FLX Foam midsole and Duratread sole (sounds like a code for ultimate boot performance to me), these boots offer a winning combination of support, shock absorption and traction.

Overall, these boots are designed for women who demand the best, whether they’re in the show ring or the training arena.


  • Lightweight and instantly comfortable from the first wear
  • Boasts effective waterproofing to prevent straw and other debris from entering
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in half sizes


  • High price tag – best for professional riders
  • May not be as aesthetically appealing as other options

6. Most Stylish Riding Boot – Ego7 Aries Dress Boots

Key features:

  • Sizes: UK size 1-12
  • Colours: Black
  • Materials: Premium full-grain leather

Riding in style takes on a whole new meaning with the Ego7 Aries Dress Boots. These boots offer a style and fit similar to premier Italian boot designer Tucci. But they don’t just make my list for their looks – they’re also incredibly practical!

These full-grain leather boots are built to last with a stitched toe cap, sturdy back zipper and a classic Spanish topline. It’s the perfect blend of timeless elegance and durability.

Ego7 brings the feel of custom-fitted boots without the hefty price tag. With a rear elastic band, these boots offer a glove-like, made-to-measure fit that promises maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Inside, an antibacterial insole with a soft leather cover keeps your feet comfy and absorbs shock. And, not to mention, the innovative E-tex material on the inner calf – it’s waterproof and built to withstand some serious wear and tear.


  • Strikes the perfect balance between look and functionality
  • Offers a custom-fit feel with the rear elastic panel
  • Wide shoe size range


  • High luxury price point
  • Harder to break in

How To Choose The Best Women’s Riding Boots

Quality riding boots are a must-have for every rider. Your choice of riding boots should combine functionality, safety and durability. Something stylish won’t hurt either!

Thankfully, there’s a wide array of options that tick all these boxes. Your ideal riding boots are out there – all you need to do is know what to look for to suit your needs.

Type of Boot

When it comes to riding boots, you’ve got two main options: paddock (or short) boots and tall boots. Deciding which type suits you best depends on your specific needs and comfort level. The ultimate way to make the choice? Give both a try and see which feels more comfortable to you.

Short boots, often paired with half chaps, are favourites among riders for training and schooling thanks to their durability and all-day comfort. Tall boots, on the other hand, offer a wide range of options and are typically used by more seasoned riders.

Riding Discipline

Of course, the type of riding boot you choose should also be considerate of your chosen riding discipline. Is it jumping, dressage or just trail riding?

Your boots have a job to do – provide the right fit and protection tailored to your chosen discipline. High-intensity activities, like show jumping and competitive riding, will definitely put more pressure on your feet than a leisurely trot through the countryside.

If you’re a serious competitor in a formal discipline, tall boots are the way to go. But if you’re a more laid-back rider or new to riding, short boots with half chaps are a practical choice.

Fit and Comfort

When shopping for riding boots, prioritise comfort and durability. Your boots should have a snug fit, like a second skin, without uncomfortable pinching in your foot, calf or ankle.

For tall riding boots, you want to know your calf measurements, circumference and length. This will help you pick a pair that perfectly fits your leg. Most boot manufacturers take your height and regular shoe size into account to ensure the fit is spot on.

Finding the perfect fit might be a little hard as it really is trial and error. My advice is you might have to try them all to find the one. Many riders, including myself, end up with a collection of boots for different purposes.


Horse riding boots come in a variety of materials, but two of the most common are real leather and synthetic leather. Each has its own set of pros and cons.

Full-grain leather boots are the most luxurious and come with a price tag to match. What you get in return, though, is top-notch quality, performance, comfort and safety. And not to mention, they’ve got some serious style points.

Full-grain leather boots are also tough against dirt and rain as they often come with waterproof features. Plus, most leather boots come with a built-in breathable membrane to keep sweaty feet at bay.

As for synthetic leather boots, these are more budget-friendly and low-maintenance. Some of them are surprisingly durable, and a few even have a waterproof construction. But, when it comes to pure comfort, real leather boots have the edge. Synthetic leather boots may not breathe as well, so they can get a bit sticky on those long, warm summer rides.

Wearing Style

Believe it or not, how you like to fasten your boots matters too! Lacing, pulling or zipping – it’s all about personal taste, but each style has its own perks and drawbacks.

Zip-ups are popular for a reason – they’re a breeze to slip on and off. However, they’re not the most accommodating for larger calves, and that can make the boot-wearing experience less than ideal for some.

Pull-on riding boots can be a more adaptable option. But, they’re not as aesthetically pleasing to everyone.

The best of both worlds would be lace-up riding boots. They’re not just stylish but they also allow you to customise the fit of the boot to your exact measurements.


Riding horses isn’t exactly a budget-friendly hobby. Even the essential riding gear, like a trusty pair of boots, can have your wallet sagging.

The truth is, a quality pair of riding boots will demand a pretty high price tag. Opting for a cheaper pair may seem tempting, but it often leads to short-lived satisfaction and subpar performance.

Ultimately, it depends on your own commitment to the sport and chosen discipline.

Factors like the brand, material and features influence the price. Align the boot needs to your budget and you should be able to score a quality pair.


How do I measure for riding boots?

Measuring for riding boots is a bit different from regular shoes. I’ve put a quick guide here for you:

  1. Grab measuring tape and something to jot down your measurements.
  2. Mimic your riding position by sitting on a chair with your feet flat on the floor and your knees at a 90-degree angle.
  3. For boot width, wrap the tape around the widest part of your calf.
  4. For boot length, measure from the floor to the back of your knee.

Using these measurements, check the sizing charts of your chosen boots to pick the right size.

How do I break in and stretch riding boots?

Before you eagerly jump onto the saddle, you need to break in your new riding boots. Take some time to walk around in them until you feel comfortable and your heel can move flexibly. This process may take a few days, depending on the boot, so don’t rush it.

If they still feel a bit snug after a few wears, you can consider stretching them. The most effective way to stretch leather around the calf widths is to use a boot calf leather stretcher or leather softener. This will help you achieve a more comfortable fit without overstretching.

What are the best brands of women’s riding boots?

The market for riding gear market is filled with brands, but those that are known for their quality and performance include Ariat, TuffRider, Dublin, Horze and Tredstep. These brands consistently deliver reliable boots for different riding disciplines and preferences.

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